Them Drugz Gonna Make You Mad! [Album]

Them Drugz Gonna Make You Mad! [Album]

May 19, 2020 Off By Iconic Underground

Artist: DaGeneral & Bageera –  Title: Them Drugz Gonna Make You Mad!

Label: Se-Lek Musik  –  Release Date: 16th June 2020 (Worldwide)


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Review by Joshua (This Is Label)


“Them Drugz Gonna Make You Mad”, the latest EP by frequent collaborators DaGeneral and Bageera, is a collection of big warehouse banging techno that will bring plenty of energy to any dancefloor.
“Close to the Hedge” is everything you would expect from loud, pumping techno, with some unexpected sample manipulation that sometimes works really well, and sometimes doesn’t.
“Red Carpet TV” continues the trend of banging kicks and tech rhythms and stays consistently funky throughout.
“Them Drugs Are Gonna Make Me Mad” is one of the more interesting tracks from a listeners perspective, featuring a neat randomized melody of fuzzy synths over building atmospherics. A touch more house than most of the songs on the collection,
“Make Believe” has a consistent funky-piano throughout. Just as it starts to get a bit repetitive, layered plucks and percussion brings everything together into a huge, yet thoughtful techno track.
My personal favorite is the opening song, “Still Partying Like Its 1999”, a not-quite-minimal, broken-beat techno jammer with big gut string plucks and chimes that feels more like early experimental techno than the rest of the EP.
Overall, “Them Drugz Gonna Make You Mad” is well worth the time for any tech-head looking to keep the dancefloor moving or heads nodding. 4 out of 5.