David Meiser Live Stream On IUM 8PM 22nd May

David Meiser Live Stream On IUM 8PM 22nd May

May 20, 2020 Off By Editor

This Friday we will be part of a global streaming effort to showcase a very special 2 hour set from Techno icon David Meiser from the rooftop of an undisclosed skyscraper. During the set David Meiser will be reinterpreting all his own tracks with the sounds of the drum machines TR-808 / TR-909 and the TB-303. Davids uncompromising gritty underground Techno sound has never conformed to the ‘trends’ or ‘fads’ that have littered and watered down the Techno scene in recent years, but has just stayed true to the hard experimentalism that defined this rebellious genre.

Expect that warehouse vibe, expect pounding originality, expect David Meiser raw out front n centre!



20:00 – Europe
19:00 – UK
15:00 – Argentina
14:00 – Chile
13:00 – Colombia
13:00 – México
12:00 – Costa Rica