Tribali – Malta – Glastonbury – The World

Tribali – Malta – Glastonbury – The World

May 26, 2016 Off By Editor

Tribali – Malta – Glastonbury – The World

I had the pleasure of being present in the studio when Declan McComisky aka Spooky’ recorded the very talented Nik X on the didgeridoo at A1-2 Audio Studio in Dublin recently , whilst we discussed posting a piece on the amazing Maltese outfit ‘Tribali’ that Nik X is a member of.

Iconic underground got the low down on this dynamic creative group …

Who are Tribali?

In a nut shell they are a Fiesta a celebration a relevery of life. Add an eclectic mix of percussion, native and traditional wind and string instruments and a kick ass drum beat. Throw in a collective of talented multi genre musicians and ardent travelers in a constant search to entertain and connect with audiences. Get transposed to the mesmerizing landscapes that are Goa, Koh Phangan, Kingston, Rio or Kashmir; just take your pick and go with the flow. Welcome to the enthralling and kaleidoscopic world of Tribali

From inception in 2004 and embarking on a steady journey of live performances soon after, Tribali captivated audiences with their mystical concoction of ethnic, contemporary and traditional music, immediately catapulting them as one of the premier acts in Malta. Founder members, seasoned musicians and friends Peter Paul, Antoine and Adriano, in conjunction with Andrew and Nik together with the addition of vocal powerhouse Eliza, have unified, matured and further diversified the multi-faceted and multi-cultural resonance that has today become synonymous with the Tribali trademark.

A trio of studio albums, a critically acclaimed compilation, exhilarating live performances in leading international and local festivals such as the Byron Bay Bluesfest, Glastonbury, Ancient Trance World Music, Earth Garden and the Farsons Great Beer Festival, various awards, encouraging global press reviews and blog platforms, have all been instrumental for the band to continue to fuel their passion for the distinctive blend of music, while generating an electrifying and dynamic atmosphere through their knack of engaging and stimulating crowds within performances, creating a dedicated and ardent fan base.received_10154202131941796

Relentlessly delving deep into their creative nature, the band is fully focused and committed to continue to push the boundaries beyond the norm of musical genres and strive to persist to bring their collective incessant zeal and passion for music to entertain wider audiences worldwide. While the collection of ethnic instruments and numinous sounds and rhythms will always remain at the epicentre, today the sitar, didgeridoo and percussion blend effortlessly with distorted electric guitars, chunky bass lines, violins, trumpets, dance oriented bass drums and hi hats, mic controllers and hypnotic vocals resulting in a tight knit and high calibre act.

These collective musical bearings culminate into a vibrant and intricate exhibition of world music, pop, dance, reggae, ska, rock and blues creating an inimitable sonic vibe. This allows for an ability to amalgamate within essentially any musical genre, which has led to performing alongside diverse and world class acts such as Moby, the Prodigy, Faithless, Ziggy Marley, the Wailers, G3, John Butler, Wolf Mother, Crowded House and the Specials to name a few. Bluesfest festival director Peter Noble lists Tribali within his top 10 to hear going so far as quoting ‘one of the best bands to EVER play Bluesfest’.

Tribali cordially invite you to join in their full power colourful spectacle and unite with audiences to DANCE LIKE CRAZY, JUMP AROUND AND GET CONNECTED TO THEIR SOUND.