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If you were there…..when it happened, you will understand what I’m about to say……you may find a wry smile as you recall the memories, the music the ECSTASY.

LOVE Flyer A4 RED Build

Back in the late 80’s early 90’s the North West in the UK was Buzzin to the sound of Acid House and Acid House parties, from the illegal Blackburn parties to the club scene and nights at The Thunderdome & Konspiracy (Manchester) Clash Promotions at Hippos (Middleton), Monroes (Blackburn) to name a few. We were there, we saw and felt it all like a tidal wave of euphoria and joy over our grey industrial back drop of council estates and dole queues.

Then as quickly as it started it seemed to end, the introduction of the criminal justice bill put paid to our ‘Freedom to Party’ and pushed the scene down a commercial road. Where there was once no rules there were now dress codes, strict searches on the door and musical genre labels. Some of the great music remained but for the class of 88-90 the romance had gone.

Watch promo video here – Antwerp Mansion July 31st


Now nearly 30 years later and that original spark, that energy and ‘LOVE’ has resurfaced under the banner of NG Promotions. Starting with ‘free parties’ at secret venues around Rochdale by NG promotions organiser Gary Leighton these nights have gathered in considerable size and popularity.

L❤️VE is now a collaboration of several like minded people, Jay Wearden (headline DJ) of CLASH promotions, Steve Dobson DJ and promoter (Connies Acid House), 12TEN MEDIA (promotional content and Artwork) this will be L❤️VES second outing at Antwerp Mansion in Rusholme, Manchester. The venue lending that feel of a disused warehouse with its Graffiti walls and that ‘just broke into’ atmosphere.

L O V E & NG promotions bring back those heady nights of early House music where there are no limitations on what to wear or what genre of music should be played. How it was and always should be. Prepared to be amazed, prepare to be astounded but most all all prepare to be L O V E D😍x

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