July 24, 2016 Off By Iconic Underground

Ian Meyer – Safari [Se-Lek Music]

Bageera Rating 9/10 Great work

“Ian” originates from Budapest, Hungary, which seems quite fitting for his European sound and carefully produced music that’s generated from an evident sound engineering background. Like most producers these days “Ian Meyer” is also a DJ with a quality output and recently featured alongside “Oliver Lieb” on “Se-Lek-Music” radio show. Now residing in Moscow he has had many top releases on label’s such as Clinique, Moveubabe and Se-lek, he is definitely an artist on the rise.

The album kicks off with title track “Safari” which sets the tone for the album with its lush pad’s floating in and out of mix a vocal snippet’s creating warm groove that gets you in mood of what’s to come.

Next up is Crescendo which has same deeper vibe but with more urgency as the album really kicks into life, stabbed synth open and rise throughout till super sexy bassline is introduced with sparse percussion rising to well a “crescendo” at main break before kicking back in to maximum impact. Next up is a collaboration with the legendary “Blue Amazon” and as you would expect this doesn’t disappoint. Keeping with warm pad’s and organic percussion also has dirty groove and hook line and atmosphere that sure to rock many a dancefloor with its hypnotic vibe keeping you interested till end.

Delight is a more Detroit flavored sounds with its main riff sounding like an old underground resistance track whilst keeping the atmosphere the album has come to demand. Miss you carry on the lush warm grooves and filtering synth lines throughout with more organic percussion. Afflatus is a somewhat more peak time affair in keeping with the flow of the album’s warm vibe builds to a delectable break that oozes Garnier/Digweed and would not be out of place on the floor of many Berlin clubs. Jocund has a retro feel to the synth’s again with another killer break with pulsating synth patterns throughout. Puerto has a minimal feeling till Meyer brings in what is by now in the album signature pads and warm melodies. In the glide is where Meyer really digs into his Detroit vibe with heavy undertones of berlin sound, the infectious bass and melody kept grooving by the vocal snippets through whilst keeping the organic vibe of the album. Finally, we finish with Flying modulation which rounds of the album superbly with more Detroit style stabs and groovy bass and that undeniably infectious atmosphere that the album encapsulates throughout.

Overall Ian Meyer – Safari is a quality album that deserves to be in the box of the likes of Laurent Garnier and Sasha alike, the warmth and atmosphere of the album as a whole is crying out to be played at DC10. If I had describe “Safari” in 3 words then it would be Lush, warm, organic which is no bad thing, the production is top class from a guy who obviously takes his sound very seriously if you haven’t heard of Ian Meyer rest assured you will soon.