DaGeneral Review of EVEN Earprint H1 Headphones

DaGeneral Review of EVEN Earprint H1 Headphones

December 6, 2016 Off By Iconic Underground

DaGeneral: EVEN H1 Headphones Review

Christmas came early in DaGeneral’s studio when a little parcel arrived from from audio company EVEN through a partnership both DaGeneral and EVEN have with Rondo Global. So I would like to start by thanking my friends at Even Earprint and Rondo Global!


A nice package containing the EVEN H1 Headphones which use EVEN Earprint technology to give you the best clarity and sound possible by programming the headphones to your own ears, and the optimum way you can listen to music. I was excited to test these out in the studio and see what improvements these would make to monitoring my productions in the studio.

Was impressed with the branding and the packaging on the headphones which already have me buzzing as I opened the box which was a good start, as was the headphones case that the headphones were protected with.


The build quality of the headphones is quite impressive from the over ear cans with wooden finish look very professional and fit on the head comfortably. I was quite impressed how light they are considering the wood looking finish and metal headband.

Ok the only down fall for me (because I am impatient), was waiting an hour to charge up the headphones so they had a full charge before starting to use them, but to be fair the battery can last a full 9 hours without needing recharged which is ample for a mix down session in the studio. Anyway, charge done headphones on and time to program the headphones to my ears.
It only took up to around 2 minutes for me to program 8 different audio frequencies to each ear to get these configured specifically for the way I listen, and it is a pain free set-up in which you are guided via friendly voice commands during the process.

Time to give these phones a test so plugged into my sound card and loaded up a recent production that was due for release that I had worked on. Ok without hitting the E button which activates the sound to my ears, I hit play on a track and just listened for basic sound quality on the headphones before starting so I could compare the sound, and I was relatively pleased that the headphones were of decent quality before we started. E button pressed and WOW what a difference to the way I could hear the sounds, I noticed each sound with crisp clarity and it made the listening of the track a much better experience. So, with ease I can switch between the configured mode and normally listen and the headphones adjust the frequencies with no issues at all, quite impressed as I was expecting some bugs on a new product that provides so much.

So, the only problem I can see with the headphones is you must charge them, but how else could this work? Maybe in next gen models they could have it write to a chip your configuration to take away the need for charging, but of course you need to make sure there is power again if you ever need to re program the way the frequencies are delivered. But being honest this is a small issue in comparison to what you achieve from the product.

Conclusion is I will be using these after producing music to double check that mix downs are spot on and there are no clashes when doing the EQ stages in tracks. These are an excellent addition to my arsenal in the studio and I would highly recommend you check these when looking for a new pair of headphones. The only thing I will be hopeful of is a DJ version to use in the club.


As a little gift use the code “RONDO” when purchasing a pair of these to have free shipping (worldwide).

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