General Surgery All Stars 2016 [VA]

General Surgery All Stars 2016 [VA]

December 10, 2016 Off By Iconic Underground

General Surgery All Stars 2016
Review By Paul McNicoll
Rating: 10/10

General Surgery Records has been putting out some absolute belters over the year`s and this album is no exception. Loaded with 20 of the most banging techno, tech-house, acid house, and hard techno from some of the best DJ/Producers out there at the moment, you are bound to find something to your liking. If like me then you will love the whole album from start to finish. After being a follower of some of these artists for a while im never disappointed with the work they bring out, and that`s why I am happy to support and when i was asked to review the album! I jumped at the chance, who wouldn`t?

Now to talk a bit about some of the tracks from the album, and the ones that stood out for me.

CeaseFire – KoZY (Technogramm remix)
The first track is a proper techno banger with a throbbing bassline and some big room sounds, this is going to get you moving! Awesome track and remix.

Combat – Chris Craig (Original Mix)
Full on combat from the off, had me bouncing about the place. with its industrial sounds, and almost hypnotic drums its the kind of track that grabs you, and throws you about the place. Another winner here.

Daisy – DaGeneral & Rivet Spinners
This track has it going on with an epic flow and chunky basslines, with a cheeky wee vocal sample thrown in for good meassure. Love the rave piano and house feel to it. This will get you moving, top stuff right here.

Detroit State Of Mind – KoZY (Get Right Remix)
“The Drums of War” what an opening to this track. Dark techno banger, and yet another smash hit from KoZY. This one had me pulling me bassface with it`s phatt bass, and hypnotic sounds this is going to do damage on the dance floors. Awesome remix

DFunk – Rivet Spinners (Whitestarr Remix)
I love the electronic sounds, and feel of this track just makes you want to move from the get go, with its arm bopping and foot tapping basslines. This will have you jacking your body. wait for the drop!

Dumb – DaGeneral & Bageera (Original Mix)
Another top track from DaGeneral and Bageera love these guys work. Carpet Muncher, Balance, and Dont Stop the Rhythm they never fail to impress with new sounds and this track is no different. This is a big room filler.

Dumb – DaGeneral & Bageera (Nico Kohler Remix)
Awesome remix of DaGeneral and Bageera track turns the track bit more heavy style and i like it what its rolling basslines, and hi hats just gets you going top stufff.

I Want You – Tina Martin (Original Mix)
This is a Journey of sound, and i found myself drifting off, and just getting lost in it. With a haunting vocal sample, and phatt baselines you cant help but move to it. I love when music does that.

Loneliness – Carl Antony (Original Mix)
Chunky techno space age sounds that had my some what hypnotised. This is another track that grabs ya in a good way. Awesome stuff!

Loneliness – Carl Antony (Rivet Spinners Remix)
Awesome remix of this track, and if you like the original you will love this. I can imagine being in a big field stomping away to this, spot on sounds.

Mistral – Chris Craig (Steve Rose Remix)
What an absolute banger from start to finish, proper stomper of a track. With some epic breaks, and drops it’s not to be missed. This is set to do well in the clubs with its big basslines.

Moomen – DaGeneral & Moggi (HP Source Remix)
Love this track had it all going on and this remix is just awesome, in your face base thats guranteed to get you moving with its epic breaks, and rolling basslines, this is another winner.

Moomen – DaGeneral & Moggi (TWIST3D Remix)
Wicked remix of this track turns it very dark, and heavy and you cant help but move to it. This ablum has been amazing so far, and there is still more to come….

Not Enough – Phutek (Original Mix)
With his big room sounds Phutek brings us another quality track, the same guy that brought us hits like Acid Bath, Optimise, and WTFFD.  He never fails to deliver and this track is no different with the basslines, and flow, and the vocal is just awesome!

Not Enough – Phutek (DaGeneral & Moggi Rework)
What a remix of this track. Love what the guys have done with this totally different sound, and flow to the track but in a good way. Top stuff guys.

Omen – Harvskyz (Craig Brogan Remix)
Banging techno here, this is a big room filler for sure. Not for the faint hearted with its heavy bass and throbbing sounds, what a stomper!!

SMLE – Dimystic (Original Mix)
This track is just amazing hits you in the face with some chunky basslines, and bit of break beat that just keeps building, and you just cant help but get the feet moving. Love it.

Let`s Jack – Acidmann
Wicked acid style track from Acidmann, love this guys work. “Jack” ” let`s Jack” boom this track has an amazing flow to it, and when it kicks in you cant help but jack your body,

Your Gonna Love Me – Bageera (Whitestarr & Rivet Spinners Remix)
What a remix of this track!! From the off it has you stomping, and if you love big sounds then you will love this! Your Gonna love Me!! Tune!!

Unrequited Love – Bageera (Joy Fagnani Remix)

Another awesome track fom Bageera, and this remix is just awesome with its big phatt in your face bass, and has you doing some sort of tribal dance when you hear it. Amazing and hypntoic.

All the tracks on this album are amazing to be fair, and are all special in there own way.
Having played the album a few times now it just keeps getting better everytime i hear it, and i look forward to hearing these tracks on dance floors, and sets in the weeks, and months to come.
i would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all the producers for there hard work, and efforts, and for keeping the music coming, and lets all do what we can to make this album number one.