B Se-Lek tive Dedicated Underground Events and Albums

B Se-Lek tive Dedicated Underground Events and Albums

May 22, 2016 Off By Editor


B Se Lek tive B-Wise, B-Energetic, B-Cool

Dedicated Underground Events and Albums –

B Se-Lek tive is a new clubbing output and album series from the Se-lek-Music label. Dedicated to the underground and are hosting residency nights in intimate club venues across international cities. Hosted by industry favorites such as “Blue AmazonDaGeneral”,  and artists like “Oliver lieb” (plus other industry hitters).

They will be providing some of the best house, techno and tech house in the modern era. The are also very committed to supporting and showcasing emerging talent and local artists. Primarily focused on intimate clubbing environments they aim for something unique without extortionate admission fees.

The “B Se-lek tive” and “Se-lek-shuhn” album series are dedicated to cities and venues that host nights in support of building clubbing culture and exposing the concept of their sound. The album series includes titles from world-class renowned electronic artists as well as emerging artists.

Iconic Underground are delighted to confirm that we are partnering up with the Se-Lek tive group very soon!

Interested in their residency nights? Please contact them at events@se-lek-music.com

B wise, B energetic, B cool, B selective.




Mike Moggi Mannix