Zak Gee – Selek Lab /1969 House [Se-Lek Music]

Zak Gee – Selek Lab /1969 House [Se-Lek Music]

September 25, 2016 Off By Iconic Underground

Zak Gee  – Selek lab/1969 House (Se-Lek Music)

Bageera Rating:  8/10

Zak Gee has been making some waves in the house tech-house scene as of late. With a slew of releases on labels such as pro-b tech, Glamour punk, Krafted, and of course Se-lek.

Selek- lab is a hot little techy track, that starts of an infectious little synth melody that draws you in with little vox stabs, throughout towards for first break, where the little synth melody and pads rise with an appregiated synth line and little key change towards the drop. The pads and big synth then take over and drive the track forward towards 2nd break that has little stab that adds a bit of movement to the break and the little key change drives the track on with the synth melody carrying on till the tracks end.

1969 House is a somewhat funkier affair, starting of with a funky little bassline and percussion that’s littered throughout towards the leading the bassline to open up at first break , where vox loop builds the groove at break and then throu-out the build to second break that has nice little synth lines that are inconspicuous but help bring the groove to the front of track, the main break then utilizes this little synth melody to it’s fullest along with lovely little vox fx delay and drum roll towards the main drop that is sure to set many a dance floor on fire. The track then keeps up it relentless groove with percussion in same vain as before throughout keeping the strong groove right till the end of track.

Overall the ep is good little groover that I imagine to be played later on the any evening.


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