Thrust Recordings – Ultimate Zoid Electro Breaks and Beats Vol 1 – Competition

Thrust Recordings – Ultimate Zoid Electro Breaks and Beats Vol 1 – Competition

June 28, 2021 Off By Editor

In celebration of this unique producer’s sample pack, Lee Coombs & Thrust Recordings are giving producers a great opportunity to enter a remix competition from the release.

The winner’s remix will be commercially released and includes further prizes.

Lee Coombs is very well known for his electrifying breaks tracks that have entertained us over the years with lots of energy and diversity. Notably remixes for such as – New order – Crystal, Moby – Extreme Ways, Planet Funk – Inside All the People, The Freakazoids project, tracks on Finger Lickin Records, his Thrust Recordings label, and The Future sound of retro mix compilation.

Ultimate Zoid Electro Breaks and Beats Vol 1 – is a unique producers / DJ pack providing a first-hand insight into Lee Coombs’s uniquely created samples and studio sound sources. Dive into his specialist studio kick drums, percussion, synths, basslines, and hits created from analogue hardware. Moog synthesis, 808s, real 303, morphed original Akai sample hybrids and musical themed parts from some of his most known work.

All the samples have been created from scratch sound source and also includes exclusive hybrid sounds generated, tuned, and refined over many years.


The Bandcamp release is available here –


Ltd BC release now 28th June: $15 – Full BC release – July 5th $20


How to enter and guides


All purchasers of the producer pack will have the option to enter within the competition entry deadline – Friday 27th August 2021


Once you have purchased the producer’s pack, create your remix using a minimum of 4 parts from the pack. Include your instrumentation, sounds, other legally permitted samples, optional vocals, and ideas. Your remix version can be created in any style or genre you wish, you can be as creative/experimental as you like.


Once you have constructed the remix – please record your final master as a wav file using the following sample bit rate – minimum 16 bit – 44.1k file – or 24 bit + is also acceptable.


Your mix entry must be recorded with master headroom space and cannot peak over 0 dB – preferably at least -3 dB headroom (or more) and no compression or limiters applied to the master output channel.


Please send your remix to Email:
Send the remix from the same Email you used to purchase – Ultimate Zoid Electro Breaks and Beats Vol 1 on Bandcamp. (Dropbox, we transfer, private SoundCloud links are acceptable)



*Friday 27th August 2021*


Competition entries will be judged by Lee Coombs, Blue Amazon, and Iconic Underground Magazine. 


Winner to be announced by: Friday 3rd September 2121 – On iconic underground website & Facebook: pages


The winning prize outline and feature



  • The winning remix will be commercially released alongside a brand-new Lee Coombs mix within one month of being announced (date TBC) – on Blue Amazon – Resonate Together label.


  • The remix will be pre-promoted including DJ / radio promotions, artwork, video marketing, and released to all major stores – Beatport, Traxsource, Spotify, Bandcamp, Juno, apple music, and more. The winner will receive 100% contracted royalties generated from their remix from any download/stream store. This will also include any direct accounted Bandcamp


  • (note – should the winner’s remix receive any external sync licensing / compilation request, Thrust Recordings will divide 50/50 split with the remixer


  • The winner will receive an optional invite to an exclusive – private scheduled zoom production Q&A with Lee Coombs and Blue Amazon.


  • The winner will also receive a complimentary download to the current Resonate Together music catalogue & Thrust Recordings / Lee Coombs Bandcamp


  • Iconic Underground magazine will feature the winning remixer in an online feature edition/interview. Full interview – media promotion upon release of the remix and will also provide the winner with a £100 token prize.


Tips & consideration


Before entering, please consider the outline, criteria of the competition, and standard. We would like you to see this as a great opportunity to showcase a produced mix to a high standard equal to other commercially released remixes.

You can edit the remix parts and reorder them to your own taste/preference if preferred.


Further guides and rules


1: Your final entry or winning mix cannot be shared on portals unless agreed by us and will remain exclusive to the completion unless otherwise agreed by us.


2: if you are an artist/production team duo, you can enter as a remix team.