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Review – Alasdair


Saytek – Live

Saytek played an amazing set from start to finish at Upcloseandpersonalmcr at Stage & Radio in Manchester’s Northern Quarter. Event owner, Andy Holdsworth through his hard work and musical expertise he managed to bring in a uniquely talented live act who is increasingly one of the underground scenes most highly sought after live artists.

To simply watch Saytek creating his music live using only hardware was eye-catching. Saytek’s live performance was a confident and energetic master class. Many other producers or  DJs for that matter especially those regularly booked on to commercial underground events across the U.K. would never attempt to create their music live. This is something that very few can perform skillfully and confidently, and is a testament to Saytek being nominated by DJ Mag for Best Live Act at their 2013 awards.

Saytek created an original and authentic techno sound that a significant portion of more commercially focused underground events does not possess. Saytek’s performance was a breath of fresh air to the Manchester underground scene. He brought an authentic and unadulterated techno sound that is found at the heart of Berlin’s underground scene.

The sound he brought is something sorely lacking to the scene overall, and it was amazing to see the intimate live venue of Stage & Radio enhanced this experienced. Overall, Saytek (Live) provided us with two hours of heavenly techno.

Saytek put on an expert performance that was a unique and gripping experience with endless energy!