Review: HP Source – Leap of Faith [Yin Yang]

Review: HP Source – Leap of Faith [Yin Yang]

April 28, 2016 Off By Iconic Underground


This literally has just landed in my inbox this morning.  And it is so great that it needed to be reviewed instantly.

I am a big fan of HP Source, so always interested to see what they have coming out, whether it be on Yin Yang Records, General Surgery, or any other labels.

This release however is by far the best track I have heard from them, and in true fashion Pete at Yin Yang knew this and ordered some first class remixes.

The original mix with its super vocal breakdown will be a sure fire hit, and myself (DaGeneral) will be caning this track on any radio shows and bookings for the next few months, its that good.

There is excellent remixes from Rivet Spinners, Carlos Beltran, and Steve Shaden that are all worthy of prime time set slots, but the daddy remix for me here is Dualitik.

The big anthem sound from Dualitik is great and I could possibly get away with playing that remix in the same set as the original.  This is top top top techno, so much so that Yin Yang has raised its own bar of quality.

Release date exclusive to Beatport for this is: 6th June 2016

In the meantime you can check out Yin Yang’s other releases  HERE

And the thoughts from Yin Yang

HP Source are one of Yin Yang’s biggest success stories.

We knew they was gonna be big when we first heard them, that success story is unwinding as we speak. They are in demand.

Truth is everything they do is gold. We have believed in them from the beginning. Truth of the matter is we had a ‘Leap Of Faith’. We jumped. We soared.

The original is an absolute masterpiece of techno, production is amazing and that vocal is pure genius. This is the biggest bomb of the year and it is here on the original bad boy label Yin yang. ITS PURE PURE GENIUS!!!!!

Remixes come courtesy of some Yin Yang other big residents.

Dualitik are without doubt some of the Worlds best producers. After hearing the original we had to enlist the best of the best on and for this one. We asked the Spanish duo and they jumped on it. What we have been delivered is this ANTHEM!. Its simply INSANE, LOCO!! FIESTA! OUTSTANDING.

Carlos Betran was also commissioned. Carlos is one of Cristian Varela’s HUGE pornographic artists. This is one serious bit of PURE quality. Its so good. I nearly cried when I first heard it. Some of Carlos’s best work to date. A truly sensational remix. YESS!

Steve Shaden. What can I say about this Italian prodigy. Very humble guy. Was not too well known until we took him on at Yin Yang HQ. We believed in him, we had that ‘Leap Of Faith’. Like everything Steve does, this remix is simply STUNNING. Done in his very own trademark style. This is Shaden at his best. Simply.. Beautiful.

Rivet Spinners are another duo that we have believed in, that we had the ‘Leap Of Faith’ in. Here at Yin Yang is has NEVER EVER been about being a big name of who you are. We simply believe in the quality and production and beauty of a track. Rivet Spinners have been that duo. They submitted demo’s we loved, we signed, we asked for remixes, they delivered sexy bombs. THIS my friends is one of them sexy bombs..