Rafonic’s Debut ‘Chant’ EP over Hottwerk Records

Rafonic’s Debut ‘Chant’ EP over Hottwerk Records

June 14, 2021 Off By Editor

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Ex-one half of the hi-nrg live band of Killaflaw (signed on the mighty Wall of Sound Records), the man like Rafonic (a.k.a Andy Paton) has made a new beginning over the last two years. Based in Liverpool and carrying a large amount of Electronic music knowledge, still keeps his ear to the grindstone to make proper forward-thinking Electronic music. His style is resilient!

A good example of his work is his debut release entitled the ‘Chant EP’ over Hottwerk Records. Basically, this is his official introduction to a new era through his new solo project.

A trip to future rave vibes either on an inner trip or even to a dancefloor elevation

Rafonic combines the formula of the late 80’s acid house with euphoric electronica and a soundscape covered by 808 and 909s. In addition to these, the synthesis of all three tracks from there is top class. For instance, you will not sit out to the big pianos of nostalgia (e.g. ‘909 Dream’) which breathes full-on oldskool oxygen.

All in all, the ‘Chant EP’ is a release that will gain your attention from the first minute. It’s something that you’ve never heard recently and might leave you wondering: ‘Is Art Techno a thing?’

The following video clip will probably help you with this riddle. It’s the official video of ‘Chant’, credited to the artist Samantha E Harvey. You can also tell that this combo of the track and the video suit could remind you a bit of The Chemical Brothers sensation. A very good result.



The ‘Chant EP’ is out now via Hottwerk and available to buy on major digital platforms.






Samantha E Harvey