Motivbreaks – Meta

Motivbreaks – Meta

March 2, 2022 Off By Editor
Review by Peri GLOWKiD

Time to skip the hard beats and jump into something sophisticated and mature piece of inner space, transcending to another dimension.


It’s about the Greek musician Motivbreaks (a.k.a. Stamatis Kipouros) who has just unleashed his brand new single, experimenting in a different direction this time. A pretty gem that brings about feelings all around.

The official promo sheet of Deep Garnet Records (sub-label of award-winning V.I.M. Records) gets an insight into their brand new offering.

The dust swirling around them, they disappeared through the fading streets and out into the desert, the shouts of the beach-wardens lost in the roar and clamour of the haying engine. Around them, like the strange metallic flora of some extraterrestrial garden, the old neon signs jutted from the red Martian sand— ‘Satellite Motel’, ‘Planet Bar’, ‘Mercury Motel’.

Hiding behind them, they reached the scrub-covered dunes on the edge of the town, then picked up one of the trails that led away among the sand reefs. There, in the deep grottoes of compacted sand that hung like inverted palaces, they waited until the storm subsided. Shortly before dawn, the wardens abandoned their search, unable to bring the heavy sand-car onto the disintegrating reef. Contemptuous of the wardens, Travis lit a small fire with his cigarette lighter, burning splinters of driftwood that had gathered in the gullies. Bridgman crouched beside it, warming his hands.

‘This is the first time they’ve been prepared to leave the sand-car,’ he remarked to Travis. ‘It means they’re under orders to catch us.’ Travis shrugged. ‘Maybe. They’re extending the fence along the beach. They probably intend to seal us in forever.’ ‘What?’ Bridgman stood up with a sudden feeling of uneasiness. ‘Why should they? Are you sure? I mean, what would be the point?’

Travis looked up at him, a flicker of dry amusement on his bleached face. Wisps of smoke wreathed his head, curled up past the serpentine columns of the grotto to the winding interval of the sky a hundred feet above. ‘Bridgman, forgive me saying so, but if you want to leave here, you should leave now. In a month you won’t be able to.’


This track has been an essential part of a decision to write an album that would be more into a cinematic and futuristic style. Due to a lack of free time, I finished only 3 tracks and one of them is ‘Meta’. It’s created by using hardware synths and a battle between drum machines and software.”

As he adds also, he aims to inspire the listener and make them inquire themselves about the future of humanity.

“There are no rave elements inside, but some synth riffs that speak to everyone listening to it. It has a melancholic tone because of this big inquiry and topic..” 

Worth also mentions that ‘Meta’ is also getting a remix by the Canadian Lucydafirst giving a groovy twist on the original tune.

‘Meta’ is out now and available to purchase on the links below





Review by Peri GLOWKiD
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