Melodic 6th Birthday Bash – Tengu Yamamori Dublin

Melodic 6th Birthday Bash – Tengu Yamamori Dublin

February 2, 2018 Off By Editor

Review – Edyta Marszalek

Friday 26th of January Melodic, one of Dublin’s best known clubbing brands celebrated their 6th birthday in Tengu Yamamori.

These guys fulfilled in the past my musical needs many times hosting across Dublin names like Guy J, Patrice Baumel, Nathan Fake, Marcus Worgull & Alex Niggemann.

I was curious what they were up to this time and made my way down with Mike Moggi Mannix [mag editor] to check it out.

The Birthday bash was spread between two rooms with main acts Lindstrøm and Luca Bacchetti supported by residents Paul Gill, Radu Pantea  Mulljoy, Adam Tsan.

For those who haven`t been near a dance-floor recently, Lindstrøm Is a Norvegian producer and DJ father of Fidelity Label well known for making contemporary disco.

I only saw the part of his live act but I can say one thing, Lindstrom encroached on Tengu”s crowd last Friday with a taste of the unique and emotive sounds. And left them with a feeling of something special. All happy faces of those leaving the club were explaining a lot: the crowd was not wishing for something more.

I’m a bigger fan of melody than disco. It was a clear choice for me Lucca Bacchetti; DJ producer, Endless label boss. The Italian maestro burst the night in the tiny room upstairs, and hypnotized the Tengu quests with deep and electric groves. Meandering bumping and flowing naturally and harmoniously.  Perfect for spreading your wings and doing your thing. It was very easy to get lost in the magical deeply beautiful experience after a long week.

People, who come along to the cosy room, filled it with nothing less than sexy dance moves and their own unique personal journeys. Purely, a vey enjoyable night full of great moments, for heads who appreciate good music. Definitely worth even the sore head a day after!

Fantastic bookings again, big thanks for that guys.

Wishing you many more successful, Melodic years!

A big thumbs up from iconic underground magazine!!