Leeroy Thornhill Wildfire: My Ten Years Getting High In The Prodigy

Leeroy Thornhill Wildfire: My Ten Years Getting High In The Prodigy

May 3, 2024 Off By Editor

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Leeroy Thornhill, the well-known iconic persona from The Prodigy during the 90s, has just unleashed his debut book, titled ‘Wildfire’.

As a founding member of one of the most influential electronic bands of all time, Leeroy offers readers a backstage pass to the wild ride that was the first decade of The Prodigy. Additionally, the book is a stunning showcase of unseen photography, meticulously curated to accompany Thornhill’s narrative. Each page is a visual treat, transporting readers back to the gritty, adrenaline-fueled world of The Prodigy’s early days.

‘Wildfire’ seems to be a love letter to The Prodigy, penned by the legendary Thornhill, who is still in the game musically, releasing banging Breaks tunes. It looks like a good gift to yourselves and every Prodigy fan out there, while waiting for the band’s highly anticipated documentary release.


The official press release:

“Wildfire tells the story of the first decade of The Prodigy from the perspective of original member Leeroy Thornhill, fully illustrated with entirely unseen photography from the earliest raves, to Japan and the United States in the late ‘90s, by which point the band were one of the biggest on the planet.

Rave pioneers whose sound also encompassed hip-hop, punk, and rock, The Prodigy arguably had as much influence on contemporary pop culture as the Sex Pistols, and these extraordinary images from Leeroy’s personal archives capture the wild energy, ecstasy, and abandon from the moment they dropped their first hit ‘Charly’ through the three albums which became the ubiquitous soundtrack to the decade: Experience, Music for the Jilted Generation, and Fat of the Land.


Beautifully designed in five colors with archival ephemera, and contextualized by Leeroy himself with candid and often hilarious stories describing the band’s wild adventures and eccentric encounters as their fame and popularity spread ‘like wildfire’, this is the ultimate visual journey into the world of the original ‘electronic punks’.”

‘Leeroy Thornhill Wildfire: My Ten Years Getting High In The Prodigy’ Hardback Deluxe edition: Signed by Leeroy Thornhill, 2 Exclusive Postcards, Four previously Unseen Photographic prints of the original Prodigy band members, Exclusive Cover Design, Iridescent Silver Slipcase.

Release date: 12th September 2024

Order your copies now via White Rabbit Books: https://store.whiterabbitbooks.co.uk/

Leeroy Thornhill https://leeroythornhill.com