REOSC: Releases Deep Underground Dublin Sounds In Chicago & Belfast

REOSC: Releases Deep Underground Dublin Sounds In Chicago & Belfast

May 14, 2024 Off By Editor

The Raw Underground Sound of REOSC’s Beatport Number 1 Introduction 8-Track EP hits you, smack, hard volume up, so raw, so underground, so deep a sound produced in Dublin, it fucking popped out on Bang Le Dex in Chicago”

Wow, this Dublin native is unstoppable! Making his debut on a Chicago label after gaining recognition in Detroit, he’s previously released on the globally respected Soiree Records International under Derrick Train’s leadership. His latest 8-track release showcases a more refined edge, honing those signature powerful drum beats and rhythms he’s renowned for. Check out the image to listen in.


REOSC Introduction EP Bang Le Dex

His EP not only claimed the number 1 spot upon release but also his 3-track release, “I Heart Air,” on Ireland’s prestigious label, Sonar Bliss Records, emerged as a strong contender. Over three days, both releases competed for the top two spots, each reaching number 1 on different days and swapping positions for number 2. It was a remarkable feat for a single artist.

Sonar Bliss Records – REOSC


Reosc’s latest release is a testament to his unparalleled technical mastery, solidifying his place at the forefront of Ireland’s electronic music revolution, while label boss Suggzy’s relentless remix ensures its status as a dancefloor and sound system destroyer.”

Suggzy & REOSC