Giuseppe Tota: The Sonic Wanderer

Giuseppe Tota: The Sonic Wanderer

March 29, 2024 Off By Editor

Giuseppe Tota, originally from Italy, brought his musical essence to the lively streets of Dublin in 2016.

It was in this vibrant city that he began a journey—not just meandering through its cobblestone paths but navigating the pulsating rhythms that would eventually define his unique sound.


Immersing himself in the bustling electronic music scene, Giuseppe found inspiration from a select few artists. Their influences became the foundational elements of his sonic palette, crafting distinct soundscapes that would resonate throughout the Dublin club circuit.


Giuseppe Tota: Bring Me Freedom

As he became intertwined with the nights of Dublin, Giuseppe plunged into music production, crafting intricate narratives of rhythm and melody. His dedication paid off in 2021 with the release of the EP “Unconscious Bias” under a Colombian label.

This EP showcased his skill in blending a variety of influences, resulting in a harmonious fusion that transcended geographical borders”


Giuseppe Tota

In 2024, Giuseppe released a new track, “Bring Me Freedom.” This vibrant song, encapsulating the essence of both individual and artistic freedom, emerges with a deep, enveloping house sound, inviting listeners on a liberating auditory journey.

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