Exploring Dublin’s Underground Techno Scene: IUM’s Bunker Party Vision Unveiled

Exploring Dublin’s Underground Techno Scene: IUM’s Bunker Party Vision Unveiled

April 25, 2024 Off By Editor

Last Saturday’s IUM Bunker Party has left a resounding echo of excitement and pride!


This event served as a significant milestone in the Dublin scene, a testament to the collaborative vision of magazine Editor Mike and Matteo, who have been in creative cahoots since 2017. Conceived in 2018, their brainchild aimed to curate underground Techno events in Dublin, showcasing the raw essence of the genre while keeping the experience simple yet impactful. The energy pulsated through the dance floor, forging an unbreakable connection, while the atmosphere was nothing short of epic!

Set against the gritty backdrop of Pawn Shop and skillfully orchestrated by Dao, the bunker party was a masterclass in immersive underground Techno culture. With resident DJs 2M and Dobrel spinning alongside a hypnotic strobe, the event delivered a sonic voyage into the depths of the underground scene.

Mark your calendars for the next IUM Bunker Party in June, where the beats will continue to slam.


 2M, IUM Techno Bunker Party @Pawn Shop Dublin


Picture by Filippo Bertola

2M, Photography by Filippo Bertola


“Last Saturday was unforgettable. The energy and connection with the dance floor were truly unique. Organizing my first party with Mike at Pawn Shop was a proud moment. The lineup, featuring me (2M) and Lawrence (DJ Dobrel), kicked off a vibrant night. Meeting Lawrence at an illegal party led to a great B2B session and a strong studio partnership. Hopefully, more clubs will host IUM parties, making the scene more inclusive. Thanks to everyone who danced with us – your heartfelt compliments mean the world. Already preparing for the next one! IN MUSIC WE TRUST!”



Dobrel, IUM Techno Bunker Party @Pawn Shop Dublin


Dobrel, Photography Patrick Lynch


”Also for the event itself my views on it were that it was a chance to show that we can do proper Techno events in Dublin and keep it simple. 2 Djs, an old skool strobe created a special occasion for all involved. You could sense that it resonated with people and it was such a buzz playing to a crowd like that”