The Music Machines Masters [3M] Takeover: Underground Evolution Triumph at Dublin’s Pawn Shop

The Music Machines Masters [3M] Takeover: Underground Evolution Triumph at Dublin’s Pawn Shop

March 27, 2024 Off By Editor

In an electrifying display of dance music mastery that sent shockwaves through Dublin’s underground heart, the Music Machines Masters (3M) orchestrated an unforgettable festival vibe within the walls of the city’s most revered dance music sanctuary, ‘Pawn Shop’.


                                                            REOSC, photography Leo Horgan                                                                          Make no mistake: This was no ordinary event; after months of behind the scenes conversations with REOSC, Dao and IUMs Mike it turned out to be a profound manifesto to Dublin’s solid underground scene, a testament to the raw power of homegrown talent and passion erupting in an explosion of creative energy that personified the essence of the 3M crew, Eclectrika Project, Breakdata, THC DJS and Bagleri.

Just Dutch, Konnect Irl, Dr Flamer, REOSC, photography Povilas @hatshotmedia

Founded by the dynamic and motivated authentic die hard of the scene Dubliner REOSC, hand picked a lethal lineup of Dublins up and coming DJs and producers along with established collective Eclectrica Project that masterfully intertwined the realms of hHouse, Techno, Electro, and Breaks. Making full use of the venue’s famed dual-level setup, celebrated for its unmatched sound system and electrifying vibe launched the up for it crowd into a real sonic frenzy.

REOSC, photography Povilas @hatshotmedia

Dao, Mike IUM, REOSC, Just Dutch

From the superior acoustics of the top bar’s Function One System to the raw gritty pounding allure of the Detroit style underground bunker, created an epic wave of real dark slammin Techno, on the nights collective memory.


Photography Povilas @hatshotmedia

‘Pawn Shop’ was transformed into a hallowed cathedral of sound, drawing the faithful to converge and partake in 3M’s rhythmic gospel. “Pawn Shop embodies everything we stand for; it was the catalyst for something genuinely magical. Every set was monumental, the sound system was unparalleled, and the crowd was ablaze across two bustling floors. Mind blown,” reflected Tatzer, echoing the sentiment of all who were present.

Photography Povilas @hatshotmedia

Clubbers like Leona marvelled at being ”whisked away to a different dimension of musical genius,” while Jean aka Billiejean reminisced about the takeover as “an unforgettable night…with epic sets from start to finish.” Steven Keddy aka Squiggles praised the varied musical selection, atmosphere, and sound quality, summing up the night as “Phenomenal.” Just Dutch [our fav talented badboy]aka Carl took over the Bunker and roared his epic approval with our editor Mike Moggi Mannix.


Mike Moggi Mannix & Just Dutch

All whilst the whole night was looked after by the commanding presence of Johnny and Pawn Shop manager Leo who was taking epic shots with his camera!

Mike, Leo & Johnny

In summary, the Music Machines Masters’ takeover was not just an event; it was a landmark occasion in Dublin’s dance music history, setting a new standard for what nights out in the city could and should be. The legacy of that night continues to reverberate, a beacon of what’s possible when talent, technology, and tenacity collide in perfect harmony.

REOSC, Photography Leo Horgan

When like minded people come together and support one another, magical things can happen. The venue ,the sound system, the artists and the dancers! That night was magical!” – REOSC131

Mike Moggi Mannix & REOSC, photography Leo Horgan

The 23rd of March, we had a nice invitation from REOSC, from Music Machines Masters, for Eclectrika to play at this great fucking amazing party in The Pawn Shop. Every DJ had a different style, it wasn’t Techno all night. I played for an hour the place was packed and I loved it, it was an amazing vibe,” – Dr Flamer Eclectrika Project

Dr Flamer Eclectrika Project


“An absolute stomper of a party. You know a show is good when you can’t stay on one floor too long for fear of missing the tunes on the other. 3M linking up with Pawnshop was a perfect match. My highlight of 2024 so far,” – Kerz

Kerz Photography Povilas @hatshotmedia

“Pawn shop are all about what we’re about, it was a catalyst for something truly magical. Every set was epic, the sound system next level and the crowd were on fire across two packed floors. Mind blown,” – Tatzer


”The Music Machines Masters takeover of Pawnshop was an unforgettable night. Upstairs and downstairs were absolutely hopping with epic sets from everyone from start to finish. It’s an amazing venue, with an amazing crowd, and the Techno bunker downstairs is an absolute dream to play in. Truly one for the books!” – Billiejean

Billiejean, photography Povilas @hatshotmedia

”Last night was Phenomenal, everybody knocked it out of the park with there sets on both floors, Great varied selection from House, Techno, Electro, Breaks etc, great atmosphere, brilliant sound and you couldn’t ask for a better crowd,” – Squiggles


“The night was epic in every way, kicking upstairs and pumping downstairs, was one of the best sets and crowds I’ve ever played in front of, even better it was in the Techno bunker downstairs. Roll on the next sesh at Pawnshop,” – Just Dutch

Just Dutch photography Povilas @hatshotmedia

The bar was bumping and the basement was thumping with our residents and supporters were very proud of the Team and members,” – Konnect Irl

Konnect Irl photography Povilas @hatshotmedia


“What a great night. It was such a buzz playing downstairs in the Techno Bunker. The crowd were fab and the place was packed from early in the night which was great to see. Everyone had a ball, crowd and DJs alike with fantastic sets from all. I was delighted to be playing amongst some of the best on the scene at the moment,” – Elaine

Elaine, Photography Povilas @hatshotmedia

The Music Machines Masters crew sure know how to throw a party. High energy from start to finish, with every DJ in sync with an epic crowd of dancers. We feel honoured to have shared the booth with some underground masters on the night, and feel incredibly welcomed as newcomers to the scene. Nice people playing great music to a lovely crowd! It was a blast!” – THC DJs



“What a night. The crowd was electric. Great atmosphere and the organization was superb.” – Baglieri

Baglieri, photography Povilas @hatshotmedia


“So many good things about the night. First up the sound system is amazing, great hearing Electro on that function one! Secondly the crowd, was surprised at how many people were there at 9:30pm. I thought it would be half empty but says a lot about the venue that it’s buzzing that early. Finally the sets from the MMM crew were all amazing, was up and down the stairs like a yo yo trying to catch as much as possible, it was like being at a festival!” – Breakdata


Experiencing 3M’s mind-blowing sets at Pawnshop last weekend was like being transported to another dimension of musical brilliance,” – Leona

Photography Povilas @hatshotmedia