DaGeneral & Bageera – The World Is Not Real [Se-Lek Musik]

DaGeneral & Bageera – The World Is Not Real [Se-Lek Musik]

April 16, 2017 Off By Iconic Underground

Artist: DaGeneral & Bageera – Title: The World Is Not Real (Album)
Label: Se-Lek Musik – Cat No: SELEKDB3 – Release date: 17/04/2017

Stan Stivak Rating: 9/10

Few months ago we at THT World Productions invited DaGeneral to do a guest mix for a THT World Podcast! And his set blew my mind! I have been following him for some time, as many other artists, but after the podcast I realized that I liked his style more and more, and now I have the opportunity to do a review on his newest album with Bageera called “The World Is Not Real”.

Before I get reviewing track by track I like to do little overview of the entire album. I truly liked how each track had its own agenda yet blended with the previous track! This album is full of progressive and deep vibes with smooth melodies that will make you dance all night long.

Track No. 1 – Have You Ever Cried

Have You Ever Cried is a very nice introduction track to this album. Very deep and very emotional tune with vocals that do almost make you cry. Definitely great way to start an album that has lot of feeling!

Track No. 2 – Place In My Mind

In my opinion, this track is very progressive and groovy and the vocals just add to it that extra feel I like in bangers like this!

Track No. 3 – The Wrong Way

The Wrong Way is just one of those tracks I can listen to over and over. Simple melody with synthesized vocals and and beautiful pads. Yea I dig this tune a lot!

Track No. 4 – Sleazy Talk

Sleazy Talk is just purely dirty techno track, I don’t know what else to say about it. Just grind dirty with this tune!

Track No. 5 –  Lose My Mind

I have always been huge fan of long deep bass lines. There is just something about that sounds that just makes me lose my mind! And the melody on top of the bass will just make you go crazy nuts!

Track No. 6 – Classic

This track has a really feel of old school raves when I sneak to them as a kid. Little acid sounds with old synth noises. Definitely track that brings lot of memories out!

Track No. 7 – The World Is Not Real

This track just starts out great. Deep pads with the high hat going all over the place, and soonest you hit the right peace of mind on this track, dirty kick just comes it and wakes you up! Dirty tune! Love it!

Track No. 8 – Taking The Michael

Taking The Michael is very progressive and the plucks in the background just give it great melody. Very progressive and full of groove. Great tune for any dance floor!

Track No. 9 – Triumphant

Groovy and funky track with nice feel of vocal shots, and the piano riff in this just amazing!

Track No. 10 – The Dream

Another tune that is dirty, but then the violin comes in and makes it very groovy. So you decide if this track is dirty or groovy. I think both!

Track No. 11 – Unicorns and Fairies

Well as any raver I always loved unicorns and fairies and this tune definitely goes with it! Very progressive track that I just can’t stop dancing t, plus not to mention the claps being all over the place. This track is gold!

Track No. 12 – Life Goes Around

Im not going to lie, but I am huge sucker for piano riffs with females vocals. From trance to house to techno if the track has those two elements combined Ill love the track. And this track is not any different. My favorite track from this album! What a master track!