Artists & DJs Are Uniting In A Grassroots Campaign

Artists & DJs Are Uniting In A Grassroots Campaign

September 30, 2019 Off By Editor

Artists & Djs are uniting in a campaign to support fair artist/labels music use and royalties.

Due to many changes in the modern music world, the majority of music consumption is now streaming (80% and increasing) however, whilst this great for music convenience and we are embracing it, there are also an excessive amount of illegal streams and content consistently uploaded to portals without any register, license or other.

These illegal streams/uploads are not unique to artist/label single releases, Eps or albums but also the mass of music used in podcast / DJ mixes that are uploaded to such as Soundcloud, YouTube, Apple PodCast and Spotify Podcasts.  In the majority, these uploads are illegal with no register or license.

The way these portals are set up and legally, they directly and specifically state the uploader must own the content they upload or have a license to do so. In majority, this is not the case and a mass of music is uploaded without any ownership, recklessly and without any thought or concern for the longer-term damage it causes.

We need to be very clear on this, there are many official music releases also on all these portals including artist releases – record label releases and all of which are very transparent, legitimate as uploaded by the owners – However, in regards to DJ mixes – Podcast – 95% of these uploads are illegal and unlicensed.

The obvious consequence is – No artist royalties, No label royalties or publishing get paid/registered, yet these platforms consistently increase their monthly subscriptions, uploaders / DJs, etc. get promo for gigs and it helps promote their brands grow, etc.

Has it stands and until the Internet laws change, it is ultimately the responsibility of the uploader, either that be – DJ – Artist – Music sharer not to upload music you do not own.  Consider 80% of music consumption being streamed, this is killing artists and labels faster than illegal downloads ever did.

Shockingly there are also some companies that sell services to distribute/syndicate illegal mixes to all these portals. Some music groups have even built whole brands off uploading unlicensed podcast / DJ mixes.  They now have a market presence and can sell merchandise, but considering they have never really produced anything other than uploading your music illegal and free to them, is this really right?

So — If we truly want to support the survival of artists, it is paramount that all streams are now legitimate; artists/labels music is registered and any licensed royalties are paid. Without this, the labels and artists music we love will further demise into a bleak wilderness.

Moving forward –

MIxcloud is available for uploading Podcasts, Radio show, DJ mix sets, etc – which is not only free to upload as much content as you like but also legally covers/pays a fair distribution of artist/label royalties for podcasts, radio shows, and DJ mixes.

When you upload to Mixcloud you are covered legally and you are helping the artist/label distribution with fair royalties system for the music you uploaded. Anyone one can use Mixcloud, you don’t have to be an artist – DJ or label, even if you are a keen music enthusiast who likes to upload and share others radio shows – and the same fair system applies.

Mixcloud is a platform already heavily embraced by John Digweed, Yousef, Adam Beyer, Nicole Moudaber and others are quickly following, includes a good mobile app and other features. Right now, it is the only platform that directly addresses fair artist/label royalties for music you do not own in this way.

(If you want to read more about these issues our article – here called  future cast  covers a lot more and why using Mixcloud is the best option at present, the article also covers examples of only sharing legitimate links, talks about fully licensed streaming platforms including – Frisky Radio – D.I FM – Proton radio and many more)

Now – Back the campaign – We need your help & support to spread the message and awareness.

Several DJ / artists have already started to join the campaign, whilst posting an image of themselves including the following text –

I’m a DJ – I’m an artist – In support of fair distribution and legal use of other music,

I won’t use your music on any portals that don’t support or register artist/label royalties.

Here are some examples –

You can also do the same and help support the message positively.

You do not have to be a well know DJ – or renowned artist — anyone can join in support and help – even if you are a music enthusiast.

Here’s how

E-mail to us –  (address – a photo of yourself – preferably of good resolution, a logo if you have 1 – your name – or artist name / or DJ name – Specify if you are a DJ – an artist – both – or a music lover/enthusiast.

We will add the text to your photo – correctly sized, return the photo back to you via email and you can share it on social media – and we will also share it as well.  Alternatively, you can create your own – using the same text over your picture and share it J


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Supporters List

Hollen (Italy)

Robert Babicz (Germany)

Anthony Pappa (Australia)

Hugo McCann (Ireland)

Laynee (Ireland)

Alex Nemec (Slovenia)

Ajit Sarathi (India)

Dr.Flamer (Italy/Ireland)

Jay Hill (USA)

Dean Sherry (Ireland)

Miki Mad (Spain)

Black Cat Records

Juliane Wolf (UK)

Aiken (UK)

Tyao (Ireland)

Gain records

Nikko Mavridis

David Taylor (USA)

Ninna V (Portugal)

Matthew Waeytens (spain)

Gerry Moore (UK)

KoZY (Italy)

Nick Lewis (Emotional Content UK)

Popi Divine (Serbia)

Kelly Edwards (USA)

Brent Lawson (Pro B Tech – Scotland)

Jimi Falconer (UK – Plethora Muzik)

Xaric (France)

Aarya (India)

Willie J (Northern Ireland)

Suddi Raval (UK)

Sebastian Markiewicz (Compatible Music UK)

Blue Amazon (UK)


Louie Le Fink (Argentina)

Pablo C (Ireland)


Michael Wells – GTO /Tricky Disco (UK)

Steven Dobson (UK)

Zed White (UK)

Lorraine Roar (Spain /UK)

Hall North (UK)

Hamm Rice (Ireland / UK)

Zoe Roberts – The Dirty House Wife’s (UK)

Damien Spencer (UK)



Askani (UK)

Gavin Easby (IN2U UK)

Matt Black (UK)

Radar Promo (UK)

Radiate Music (UK)

A Rec (UK)

Paddy Sheridan (Ireland)

Sean McClellan (USA)

Erik Bruce (UK)

DaGeneral (Scotland)

Higgins (Up Close & Personal UK)

Ariel Henek (Mexico)

Disscut (Germany)

Tony Puccio (Itally)


Sisko Electrofanatik (Italy)

D.I FM (Europe)

Rondo (global)