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A brand new Techno and Hip Hop event coming soon to the green valleys of Portlaw Waterford.

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Mike Mannix: So we’ll just get into it. Can you give us a bit of background about how this event has come together? Why Waterford and whats your participation in it?

Evan: Me and my mates just noticed this complete lack of presence of gigs down here in the dance music scene. There just seemed to be this lack of an authentic underground space to showcase artists. 

What we are we’re trying to do is create something that’s homegrown organic, and from the core. You know, what I mean?


MM: That’s great. How did you hook up with Silviu then?

E: This is actually a great story. It was like a match made in heaven  an absolute coincidences as it goes, you know? 

So, my fiancee Liza got a random text off of a guy from Dublin to do this underground rave. She did the gig and she blew the roof off. I mean, blows the roof off amazing set. Everyone went crazy, the crowd were going mental and who’s right behind me? Silviu and Patrick Dandoczi. 

They saw my record label t-shirt that I had on and Liza had hers on and noticed we obviously were connected and he gave me his card and we just stayed in touch. 

I already had tried to put Zone One on last year, but because of all the post covid reasons, you know, blah, blah, blah it just got canceled. Yeah, so I brought it up like, let’s do this together, and we did!


MM: So tell us then about who you’ve got playing over the course of the day, night? 

E: So yeah, at the very beginning, we decided let’s start off with one hour of live Hip Hop artists, three rappers Red Wolf, Cal Pacino & Foolish Professional 20 minutes each, nice. Then after that a 10 minute break. 

Red Wolf, Cal Pacino & Foolish Professional

Red Wolf, Cal Pacino & Foolish Profession

We will have a presenter there to introduce all the artists.

We will be starting off the musical journey with:

Adrian Bilt

Between Ourselves

Matty Murphy




Patrick Dandoczi

It’s going to be an amazing experience start to finish!


MM: What’s the capacity for the event?

E: Approx 350 man, that’ll be a nice crowd! 


MM: Nice one man, thats a decent boutique number. The drone image looks wicked for the event.

E: Yeah man it is. So without giving away the exact location there’s an area of Waterford down in a green Valley with spectacular views. When you’re actually looking at the main stage you’ll be looking at this massive mountain range in the background

We have got a great opportunity with the site owner of the land. She basically said, “Look, you guys can do it”, and if you can run this well this year, you can expand and grow bigger, bigger and better.” 

So there’s plenty of scope with the location and our concept going forward, if you set your mind with positive vibes and passion!


MM: Exactly. Now for some postive sunny vibes on the day!

E: Haha yeah, the longrange weather forecast looks good, but well have ponchos to hand out if it does rain!


MM: Nice touch man, all sounds great, we are really looking forward to the event!

E: Cheers Mike


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