Xaric – Nyarlathotep / Dagon [Se-Lek Music]

Xaric – Nyarlathotep / Dagon [Se-Lek Music]

July 17, 2016 Off By Iconic Underground

Xaric – Nyarlathotep / Dagon [Se-Lek Music]

DaGeneral Rating 8/10

Se-Lek Music is a label that’s really on form; therefore it’s always good to get something from them in my promo box. This time it was the turn of “Xaric” from France who is recording some pretty cool tracks right now.

“Nyalathotep” is the first title on the two tracker, it’s a nice building techno influenced number with some great undertones throughout the track. It’s use of sounds and fx throughout could easily make it a soundtrack to a DJ or nightclub movie. Think late night “Human Traffic” style sounds.

The 2nd track “Dagon” is another well-worked production with some excellent energy and groove to it. I really love the percussive elements and elements after the first break, and that’s when it really get going into this track. All around I think this release possibly deserves more than the 8 out of 10 I have given it but hey ho.

What I would recommend is you pop along to the links below and check out this track below or more importantly pop over to Beatport on the buy links at the bottom of this post and pick up this number for yourself.


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