Weekend Vandals March Picks / Label spotlight

Weekend Vandals March Picks / Label spotlight

April 4, 2019 Off By Editor

 Jeff Dobson

Well what a busy month March was. Birthday shenanigans, moving HQ from the back of an 84 Ford Cortina to a shed kindly donated by Gavin’s Dad as a thank for NYE and his embarrassing imp-ailment.

Add to this the prequel to the start of the circuit season with an abundance of quality promos crossing our desks I’m in need of a lie down.

Firstly lets pay homage to the selected cuts, wax & digital and as usual, in no particular order


Flicker Zone – Alex Falconer  (Rue de Plaisance) 

Pre order @ https://www.facebook.com/yydistribution/


Acid Jam – Ceri (& remixes)  (3 am Recordings)

Released on Beatport May 1st


Extra Soul for Your Mind – Erell Ranson & G Prod (Nightflight Records)

Out now via juno


DSP001 – Various Artists  (Distorted Sensory Perception)

Pre order @ https://www.juno.co.uk/products/gilbert-mindless-evolving-objects-central-nervous-system/721124-01/


Utopian Dystopias – Paul Hierophant   (Exalt Records)

Release April 23 , Pre Order @ https://shop.exalttshirts.co.uk/?fbclid=IwAR323ikD9f-jFwigKhf5HK8Tn3wNI0znEXVk8LkGhR4GxwIgHFwg0YQYMVU


Smash Hits – Point B   (Orson Records)

Pre order @ https://www.juno.co.uk/products/point-b-smash-hits-ep/715243-01/?fbclid=IwAR0MaziooJE_9gzteJLQgNqll3Gp6HsWiLMWVWlfOy9w0nmbRG_NAaktruE


Sata EP – MESAK   (Orson Records)



Dreans of Nila EP – Erell Ranson   (Barba Records)

Pre order @ https://www.juno.co.uk/products/erell-ranson-dreams-of-nila-ep/724941-01/?fbclid=IwAR0TXi0UpJzvmC_uIWxVTejhhm6KrUP7e9NGpI5Y63yzetx2W8txZEW8wTU


Corroded Circuits EP – Various Artists   (Downfall Records)

Release late April via Bandcamp


WOD008 – Jenson Interceptor ep  (Weapons of Desire)

Sold out


As usual a big shout out to labels for the promos..We salute You.

Also a big shout to Erell Ransom who has so many releases released this month that He’s doing what is now come to be known as  ” CARRing ” in honour of Derek Carr and his recent heavy release schedule (Smiley Face Thing)