This Is Techno Live Vol.5 [General Surgery]

This Is Techno Live Vol.5 [General Surgery]

June 25, 2017 Off By Iconic Underground


Well hello there 🙂 welcome to yet another outstanding review day!   This time we have none other than the very impressive General Surgery Records – This Is Techno Live Volume 5  Review.

Where to begin?

From jacking funky beats from Chicago loop to dominant hammers of darkness from Phunk Investigation. Here , today we have a variety of warmup jammers to the pounding floor slammers.
Let’s take a peek into what to expect.
First of all General Surgery Records has been an ever lasting portrait of success over the previous 2 years before this date. With having already utilized artists such as Darmec & HP Source to Phutek, Blue Amazon & John 00 Flemming! where does this end? to be frank, it just doesn’t! the success on this label has been phenomenal and in every successful way will only continue!
Ok so we have many tracks to cover from here, so I will jump straight into this amazing release and guide us through what to expect.
Alex Nemec & Nik Feral – Execute (Blue Amazon & DaGeneral Remix)

Straight off the bat, any Blue Amazon fan will be familiar with the very professional kick to bass ratio. Let’s throw in some very techno infused sounds from DaGeneral and already we have groove and swing groping our ears, but now enters some very well placed vocal hits. Again touching on the kick to bass ratio, things seem very well balanced. Dominant rises of sound guide us to breakdown. A very funky and dark presented bassline keeps things grooving along perfectly. I have yet to find a fault within this track!! nope…still haven’t found it! A very well produced and balanced track.

Ben Perin – Merinza (Original Mix)

Very strong kick drum smoothly takes us through to bassline mode where we can expect a rolling eargasm of bass! Claps and depth and very carefully selected hits do the damage! A calm yet strong punch to sound as we progress to verb hats and very well-spaced trippy robotic synth fused journey of melody. A very warm colorful and satisfying stage of sound takes us through the paces. Colour is a huge factor on this track. We progress into a very vibrant and very well produced sound of what feels like ”the robots have taken over”. Depth being a dominant factor also as things take us down the rabbit hole! great work!

Blue Amazon – Join In The Love (Oliver Lieb Remix)

Anyone’s who’s anyone should know already who Blue Amazon is and to further this exciting name we have none other than Oliver Lieb who really takes this track to a fresh environment of lush sound. Mr. Oliver here has been involved in these areas of sound for the biggest part of 200 releases! isn’t that impressive? ok… let’s try a little more…  In 1997, using the alias LSG, Lieb spent one week at #63 in the UK Singles Chart with “Netherworld! Yeah! these boys know how things go!

Back to the track in question tho. Kick and bass really tight, hats rolling around making things feel hazy and shaded in every good way! Synth shots and chord routine that scream out 1999 with very well produced snare hits and depth that show that these boys know what the score is! 10/10? you decide.

Byron Gilliam – Spirits Calling (TKNO Remix)

Bang!! who ordered some thump! solid kick drum and subtle strings take us towards bassline funky! and in a very techno manner too! We are now discovering our progression here as every sound starts to work as a team effort and produce the best possible results. A very well EQ’d track with an almost guitar styled rolling synth that starts to peak with some reso increase, some tightly controlled delays and tight verb control. All we need now is some vocal hits! oh… wait… yeah this track has those too! Ooosh!

Chicago Loop – Those Dirty Beats (Original Mix)

Who likes those dirty beats? these guys do! and let’s be completely honest here! as far as spacial chorused and full vocal shots go, this is completely nailed! as if that wasn’t enough Chicago Loop has invested in some simply amazing synth hits that take us back to an almost late 80’s vibe coupled with very solid funky 90’s basslines! Dallas? New York? there’s certainly a themed vibe going on here, tho I can’t quite nail it on my own! maybe this is true art? a solid expression of sound from these guys! timeless sound!

DaGeneral & Bageera – Expose Pigeons (Original Mix)

Where to start with these guys!! wow! with huge success over an array of tracks and an album release, we have been provided with this very atmospheric track! Kick and bass are of a slightly less snappy nature as far as the sub decay goes, things bleed over for me in a very unique way! that bassline synth is unreal! warm, vibrant! punchy and a guiding light through the stages of the track. Mayday! Techno is about to land! PHATT bassline and almost industrial spot light hits really run this track!  Lovely 🙂
DaGeneral & BlackWhyte – Impact (Original Mix)

In true DaGeneral style we are introduced to a tribal and punchy sound, from kick and perc we find FX rises that take us to a very warm and vibrant bassline. Great synth chord hits give this track character. However… yes.. a however, once we hit breakdown we have some delicately placed tape stop technique which then follows onto a drop with an arp that rides us through the course of progression! very clever fills and tight decay on verb solidify this track!

DrumComplex – Dry Your Eyes (Original Mix)

The clue is in the title! this is drums! there is a level of control on the almost 90’s styled mid/closed hats. A more delayed cymbal takes the floor as things progress to our destination breakdown! an arp of 200hz styled bass rolls across the board followed by a very dominant kick drum! didn’t we mention this? kick drum… I said it again didn’t I? add some reso infused acid style arp to the top of your spectrum. Yeah. You got it 🙂

Engi – Empire (Original Mix)

Snappy! delayed/chorused hits with a strong bassline  introduce us to a very solid and punchy kick drum. Atmosphere kicks in with strong techno vibes and an almost story telling goal! ok so we are now on a journey! some amazing guitar strums and vocals take us to an entirely new planet! A new race of being has confronted us and this track is our explanation as to why we need to encourage tech to the masses! Man, the atmosphere cannot get any better than this! can it?

HP SOURCE – Leap Of Faith (Original Mix)

Stereo and depth! let’s think about those for a second. Kick & Bass is so damn clean and tight! everything so far is punchy and very sharp! now we have some simply awesome vocals that fit this track like a glove! tribal styled rolling drums really push things forward and add progression, tom hits and synth blips add character and depth to what is clearly setting out to be a strong atmospheric track. Those hats bite nice hard and clean. Did we mention those vocals? yeah… they are ace!! check it out! great work from HP SOURCE

Jon The Dentist – Budha (Moggi Remix)

Industrial percs and a very solid late 90’s early 2000 styled hard dance/trance kick. Pushing things to a more modern styled  synthgasm of sound Vocals spread carefully well as new sounds are smoothly transitioned to fuse as one sound. Sound placement is outstanding on this track, nothing is competing in an awkward friendly fire way as each and every sound has been carefully placed into there own pocket. Tight, strong and great center sounds take the floor in this very dominant modern aged techno piece!

Ninna V – Methodic Doubt (Original Mix)

Dark trippy and solid! 3 elements of this track that should be remembered throughout! sound placement is perfect. We have punch, we have tight, we have progression, we even have modern styled robotic synths rolling around in the darkness. A very strong set of FX adds strong character to an already strong track! subtle panning keeps things alive and constant, there’s no holding this track down! Another awesome release from our Portugal Techno Friend Ninna V

Phunk Investigation & Jean Aita – Childrens (Original Mix)

Warm and vibrant bassline & subs take us through the beginning stages of this very well produced track. Warped groaning  wide spread hits making things interesting and mid to long delays on synth hits really add amazing depth! a constant progression included as those beautiful rides and semi open hats take us to a beautiful retro styled chorus accompanied with 90’s styled vocals in a very tribal fashion. Phunk Investigation have being doing there magic since 2000 and there is just no stopping these guys!

Phutek & MK Solace – From The Dust (Original Mix)

Solid to the front percussion and gentle hats take us through the intro, things are very progressive as we continue forward. Drum hits are tight! a very well produced spread styled bass vibrates our ears and those drums and percussion keeps the magic alive. Vocal shots are selectively placed to keep things from laying too flat. Life really pours through this track with a strong wide approach to sound. Snare hits are subtle yet sharp. Almost late 80’s Synth stabs enter the mix and add some full flavored techno vibe! Breakdown has lots of colour towards the end as things land safely on that once again wide spread kick and bass. Great production!

TWIST3D – Yang (Original Mix)

SUB! Bass! Kick! yeah it’s all happening from the start! a warm spread bass phattens things up as we progress and hats to keep things alive are subtle yet obvious. Breakdown to drop offers a rise in colour on the already strong bassline. A very well constructed track with no over complications and a very very strong bassline that will surely shake the bass cones from any speaker!

Dave Seaman & John 00 Fleming – Unexpected Item In The Packing Area (Hernan Cattaneo & Martin Garcia Remix)

Starting off with beautiful ambience, creating lots of depth making way for the gorgeous flow of sounds that follow. Lots of groove as we discover very clever backslide typed vocal hits and synth! a very creative and fresh sounding production from these legends. As we progress through this track we discover that we havent even got started yet! a more colourful scenario has now been painted before our eyes with the use of drums shakers and superb FX that crawl around the track. Panning is used to very clever levels and althought sounds are introduced very smoothly you can expect them all to leave the picture fluent and just as smooth, each element leaving the mix is replaced by another in a very silky manner. tubular type bells make an appearence on the closing break and we land with our very solid tight and very well EQ’d Kick and bass. The groove on this masterpiece is simply superb! all sounds used in this project just fit so perfect! but let’s face it, a track being produced by these two pro’s was always going to be great, add this lovely creative remix by Hernan Cattanew & Martin Garcia to your sets and play this out to the masses as this is one very clever and respected little remix.


Wow! what an outstanding release from the surgery! an endless amount of amazing tracks pouring over our ears! where do you even begin with such a release? an array of techno that just cannot be faulted. The entire release it ‘self has passion and purity.
Congratulations to General Surgery Records for providing such an amazing album filled with supreme artists! It was certainly a pleasure to review this release and undoubtedly we can be sure to see a hell of a lot more from the label.  I must stress that all those in favor click to buy!
As always support these guys and there affiliates on their journey and purchase your very own copy of such an amazing album!!! I also would like to show thanks to being able to review this album i have so many favourite artists that re involved. How many do you spot?

Keep it tech!

Craig Brogan 10/10