Superstrobe & Dominik Vaillant – Intensity – Label, We Are The Brave

Superstrobe & Dominik Vaillant – Intensity – Label, We Are The Brave

May 3, 2019 Off By Editor

Craig Brogan – Review May 2019

Artist – Superstrobe & Dominik Vaillant – Title – Intensity
Label – We Are The Brave –  Listen Here

Oh yeah things just keep getting hotter in here, I may need to open a window, or perhaps another bottle, whichever hah!

Superstrobe & Dominik Vaillant
have released this stomper over on Alan Fitzpatrick’s We Are The Brave label. This pair joining up is simply something of dreams! The production you are about to hear today is something special, that hits like a darker Josh Wink ‘Higher State of Consciousnes’!

Superstrobe & Dominik Vaillant – Intensity

A very tight hit on the kick and awesome sub stability introduces the track. Percussive elements soon arrive offering a little tension before the first verse really takes shape. Progression is key with this monster and the drive remains solid throughout. Rave styled synths take the floor with an awesome acid arp leading the way. Rises and tensions are perfect. The drop is completely sealed tightly tight! Strong production from these guys.

Craig Brogan Rating – I want more.