Stiofàn Mac Seinicín aka Jenko Exclusive Interview

Stiofàn Mac Seinicín aka Jenko Exclusive Interview

April 20, 2019 Off By Editor

Mike Mannix: Good to talk to you again Steff how do you feel about playing with the legend Graeme Park tonight?

Jenko: Good to see it again Mikey it’s been a long time yeah, just wanna say a big shout out to Dave Caffrey for inviting me down and sharing the decks with the main man it’s great.

MM: When did you get the news, you must have been chuffed?

Jenko: Mad one, I was celebrating my 40th birthday when I got the news, I was asked would I do a number and I was like ‘yeah I’m all over that’, and as it got closer over the week’s the excitement just been building, I couldn’t wait. And you know they say you should never meet your heroes, well after meeting the main man that’s totally levelled that theory, the man is a legend!

MM: Yeah I have to say man when I saw the lineup I was quite happy for you because I can’t think of anyone more deserving who stayed true to the roots, who never sold out and who’s an encyclopaedia of information about the scene, it’s right that you’re playing alongside Graham Park simple as that.

Jenko: Ah fair play man appreciated, I love getting these gigs when they happen which isn’t that often on this particular style of Chicago house, the Manchester style, the Hacienda style, I’m not downsizing the town (Dublin) just wish there was more of it ya know?

MM: How do you feel right now before you get on the decks?

Jenko: Man, I was just saying to my partner Siobhan, that

it feels like a scene outta Human Traffic, the Friday nights rolled around, the tunes are blasting, the excitement, and just knowing I’m sharing the decks with ‘Parkey’ it’s whopper simple as that, delighted!

MM: That’s wicked man enjoy the night.

Jenko: Nice wan Mikey!