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We are a little late on the review for this superb EP by Stephen Mahoney to tell you about this finely crafted track selection released as a continuation of a two-part release project, ‘S’ will bring you on a journey of rigorous escapism!


Stephen Mahoney – A1


The track starts off on a pounding kick laying its foundation coupled with a juxtaposition of vibrant nearly cutting melodies, A1, is dark and moody. Influenced by the 90’s Detroit sounds, this track is loud and throbbing and it sets the tone for the rest of the album.


Stephen Mahoney – A2


Once again the rhythmic structure is an important aspect of this track. The kick drives the track and gives a sense of endless repetition, but when the percussions and the gritty/cold melody comes into place, you understand that A2 was made for the dancefloor.


Stephen Mahoney – A3


Much more dramatic and mesmerizing, A3, is a pure ambient track. The ethereal synths combined to the darker tones will put your mind at peace. It takes you on a real inner journey where it’s just you and this moody yet calming soundscape.


Stephen Mahoney – B1


This track definitely brings back the EP on the dancefloor. Relentless, unforgiving, and complete, B1 is made for the dark techno lovers. While the kick smacks you in the face, the synth adds some texture to the tune to make it even more abrasive but in a good way. A must-have in any DJ bag.


Stephen Mahoney – B2


More groovy than the rest of the EP, B2, is bouncy and engaging from the start to the end. The dark stabs combined to the energetic kick drum creates a perfect chemistry and balance between light and darkness. Great work and way to finish off this EP!

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