Shades Of Rhythm Live @ Flashback Dublin

Shades Of Rhythm Live @ Flashback Dublin

August 9, 2018 Off By Editor

Flashback are one of the most respected Old Skool promoters in Ireland, unlike some, they don’t overdo it by having too many events and don’t overplay the same rave classics.

In recent years they have brought over some huge old skool acts so when they announced that the legendary Shades of Rhythm were coming many got excited and the tickets were snapped up for the button factory on July 21st.

Brendan Kearney Aka DJ Gravity kicked off proceedings with an excellent set that got the dance floor moving along nicely, followed by Phever Radio head man Dean Sherry who played another banging top quality set consisting of lesser known 90s House and progressive.

Flashback resident Chris D flew back from Moscow where he is currently based especially for this event and by the time he came on the dance floor was positively heaving. He launched into his set with a fantastic mix of early 90’s House and Hardcore mixed seamlessly, ramping it up for the main act.

The legends ‘Shades of Rhythm’ performed all their big hits live for 30 minutes creating an incredible atmosphere the likes of which haven’t been witnessed in Dublin since the hedonistic 90’s. They followed straight after with a DJ set for another half an hour, by then Button Factory (Venue) was on wheels and the ravers where lifting the roof!

Shades of Rythm Live Dublin

The job of finishing this epic night fell to one of the best female Vinyl DJs in Ireland, the very capable and ballsy Flashback resident Elaine Robbins aka ‘Laynee’ who absolutely upended the place with tune after tune of brilliant underground rave tunes!

Flashback Live Video

By the end of the night the stage had become part of the dancefloor and was heaving with bare chested up for it ravers dancing alongside the 2 excellent event dancers Elle and Bridget until the lights came on at 3.45 am. There’s old skool events and there was this, the closest you’ll ever get to being back in the actual 90s, an incredible memorable night, some remarked it was the best Old Skool event they were ever at.

Flashback have shown again they really are top of the tree when it comes to real old skool raving in Ireland.

Mike Mannix – Editor