Sam Ritter – Beach Please / 667 [Se-Lek Music]

Sam Ritter – Beach Please / 667 [Se-Lek Music]

September 6, 2016 Off By Iconic Underground

Sam Ritter – Beach Please / 667 [Se-Lek Music]
KoZY Rating: 8/10

Sam Ritter’s new EP has landed on Se-Lek Records. A fun blend of various genres come together to give the listener a unique experience of soaring electronic synths and heavy basslines. The ep also boast remixes by the talented duo, DaGeneral & Bageera, as well as Italian producer Pad One.

The lead track “Beach Please” has a very summery start to it and leads into a great bass groove that create a dark yet very energetic track. With sounds range from Tron like leads to old school house baseline, with a couple of vocal snippets inserted for good measure. The break shines light on the diversity of the genres that influenced Sam Ritter into making “Beach Please”.


667, the b side of this EP is a more heavy track with a lot of atmosphere and a plethora of interesting samples and breaks. The samples range from soaring eagles to female ad-libs that really add an interesting feel to the track. The bassline is there and in your face giving the track a very strong foundation.


For the remixes DaGeneral and Bageera gave 667 a huge face-lift by adding an enormous selection of sounds. A dark techno track with loads of atmosphere with a much more Berlin Techno imprint. A remix that is perfect for those mid set breaks.

The Pad One remix of the title track “Beach Please” heads more in a progressive direction. The baseline and synth are reworked into a very hypnotic track, that leads to a magical main break and a drop full of energy.

The release on Se-Lek records is really a jump in the right direction. An EP that is different and offers a huge variety of sound and emotion.

Available now at Beatport