Review: Nico Kohler – Pushed To The Edge EP [Naked Lunch]

Review: Nico Kohler – Pushed To The Edge EP [Naked Lunch]

May 10, 2016 Off By Iconic Underground


One of the biggest Techno labels at the moment is of course Naked Lunch Records which is run by none other than A.Paul

So of course when I looked in my inbox to see the latest tracks from Naked Lunch sitting in my inbox I was quite happy and intrigued to what we had in store.  Of course I was quite happy to see one of the artists from my own label had an EP promo in my inbox! Of course that was Nico Kohler, who I have done various collaborations with as DaGeneral.

“Pushed To The Edge EP” which will be out on Beatport on 12th May 2016 is a cracking release.

Cluster Funk – Is a nice dark techno number with a sweeping undertone and eerie percussion. It has a submarine techno let’s do this kinda feel to it, and is the type of sound we have come to expect from Nico.

Esoteric Belief – Now this is a nice driving techno track and I really love this! For me its the best track on the EP especially when the breakdown has you sitting waiting in suspense then BOOM! The journey has begun and destination techno is on it’s way.

Pushed To The Edge – Once again another techno sound that I am used to when working with Nico, and it has his trademark pound and synth. Another techno dungeon style track that would take any real techno club into a frenzy.

As I stated above this is out on the 12th May and I really do urge you to check it out, and check out other releases on this label, because they are nothing short of top quality.