Irish Artist ‘Rain’ – latest Release ‘Ipseity’ Out On Bandcamp

Irish Artist ‘Rain’ – latest Release ‘Ipseity’ Out On Bandcamp

February 4, 2021 Off By Editor

‘Rain’ aka [Oisin McGovern] is one of the rising, talented producers on the Irish scene, who we have interviewed a few times. He has his own sound which gravitates towards the heavier side of electronic music, from Techno, Electro to IDM. His latest track collaboration with ‘Nasreen Walsh’ ‘Ipseity’ is out now on Bandcamp.




Rain – Ipseity came about a couple of months ago. Nasreen (My girlfriend) and I were in the studio and I started dialing up a bit of a jam on the machines.

She Jumped out of her skin once she heard that sub. We got the condenser out there and then and recorded her vocals. The whole track came together extremely quickly and held to its minimalistic bassline driven vibe. Her lyrics are part of a poem Nasreen wrote a couple of years ago…


Nasreem Walsh

I’ve crossed the line,

I’m going over,

the lonely sorrows are taking over,

I’ve chosen chaos,

all I’m left with now is my identity

‘Ipseity’ means the quality of being oneself or itself, the essential element of identity. I feel identity is something a lot of people struggle with in the dance music scene and these lyrics are extremely relatable to a lot of partiers out there.

The artwork was kindly gifted to me by my good friend of mine Bearz, a Dublin based artist and local legend! It just so happened to really fit the theme of the track.

It was nice to work on a track with my best friend, and for it to come together so quickly. It’s a little more paced than the usual tempos i’ve been working at, but I still managed to get that chunky acid line in there!




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