Phutek’s – Ibiza Uncovered

Phutek’s – Ibiza Uncovered

February 7, 2017 Off By Editor

 Getting Phuteked in Ibiza

Victoria Ball –

As I approach Birmingham airport Sunday night my thoughts were what to expect from the journey ahead..

My mission to experience the party of the decade Carl Cox at the SuperClub Space in Ibiza at his last Revolution residence the final chapter, and the closing of Space after 27 years…If that wasn’t enough excitement for a gal… I get to do a fly on the wall documentary joining Craig Regan aka Phutek a good friend of Carl Cox along the way and interview..So meeting up with Craig at the airport, beer, boarding the plane of we went..

Landed Monday 2.00am…and straight away Phutek bumped into the legendary Grooverider as we were picked up by ACE (Phutek’s close industry friend) in a Porsche Cayenne. Alex Hodgkinson greeted us at the hotel a good friend now to myself and Phutek and also known as Mel Gibbons son, bags down..2 min drive, VIP guest list and by 3am I’m standing in the DJ box with Steve Lawler at his night ‘Viva Warriors’ in Sankey’s Club.. being passed a free cold beer!! And this wasn’t even planned..

Alex Hodgkinson and Phutek Space

As the best ones never are and this was an amazing night, club and incredible ‘Pioneer Professional Audio’s flagship’ sound system with a crowd in a hype frenzy from Steve Lawler’s outrageous dark, deep and funky techno house with a twist… including tracks It’s My Man (Klangkuenstler Remix) – Mikey and one of my favourites Like This – Adrian Hour, stunning sexy dancers on either side of the decks and Phutek already making friends with Vicky Pattison from Geordie Shore, also in the box dancing her ass off…

The fact all this happened in 60mins from airport to cold beer was an outrageous experience and made me wonder who is Phutek in Ibiza … King Louie from jungle book! Sprang to mind for some strange reason!

As we left at dawn from Sankey’s and Phutek in the search for that burger! I realized one thing about Phutek if he ever wanted to give up DJing & Producing he would 100% certainly make an awesome comic, this guy is dry, wet and wrong and all at the same time, had me in stitches that my stomach hurt for days… his humour is seriously funny shit and an absolute delight to be around!

Habs & Phutek

Some of Phutek’s regular entourage   Habs Akram, Paresh Raja, Peter Swaalep, and Alex Hodgkinson arrived for another wonderful night of crazy laughs open skies, and sea air it was amazing! We made new and exciting friends i with Ferry Corsten and Dimitri De Wit.. the former manager of Tiesto (Tjs Veerwest) and of Ferry Corsten and one of Leona’s Foy best friends of 16yrs. He the former AnR at Black Hole Recordings. Also the founder and CEO of Twenty4Seven Management. An international artist’s agency and Management Company…. and the CEO at Future Sound of Egypt. The hottest trance label worldwide And. . .an associate at Fire in the Disco, representing the best in Techno and Tech house. FSOE just did a huge gig in Egypt at the Temple of Luxor. The Thrillseekers has just joined the team too..

So with scrummy homemade food and maybe too many cocktails a flowing.. From the amazing hostess Leona Foy my new best friend, we finished off our night playing the funniest version of charades I have ever seen… Phutek was in hysterical top comedian mode again, and had everyone in stitches and Facebook got a live feed and a taste of our evening.. This was the warm up we were all here for one special night… Carl Cox’s last night at Revolution the final chapter, we were all so excited about it and it was almost here..

After a 15-year residency at club Space Ibiza, the end of an era has approached for Carl Cox. After announcing the end of his “Revolution,” residency at the number 1 voted club in the world last year. The anticipation was almost unbearable while we all walked towards the club. Carl Cox had also announced he was going to play a 10hr vinyl set first time since 2006. This made it double exciting for us older heads, especially Phutek whom had followed Carl from day dot, and it was as a 16 year old Phutek first watched Carl Cox ‘ The 3 deck wizard’ over his shoulder at the legendary Amnesia House at The Eclipse in his hometown Coventry.  With no queuing thanks to the one and only Habs Akram, I love this man and a professional audio visual projects specialist for all the top DJ’s and events over the world, including Carl Cox for 10 years and now to Phutek, He is really ‘The Goodness ‘and has become a very dear friend to me, and has certainly a very close friendship with Phutek. Watching them together in my personal time with them in Ibiza, you would think they were blood brothers. And musically they tick effortlessly.

Upon arrival, we mingled in amongst a crowd complete with every generation. From hundreds of youngsters buzzing and bouncing in glitter, sunglasses and fancy dress, and the more older generation reminiscing seeing Carl Cox back in the day. Everyone was there for a reason and flown from all over the world to witness one of the most important nights in history as we soaked up the final ever Space Ibiza experience altogether..

The one thing that I love about Carl Cox is the energy he brings to every set, his energy and passion put into each and every record, bouncing around and interacting with the crowd you could see it in his face like it was his last ever time… and sadly it became more heart-breaking as each hour rolled closer to the end of the night… maybe that’s why everyone was so friendly maybe that’s why all I saw all night was beaming smiles, laughter and serious ‘eyes closed’ emotive dancing!! I sensed everyone was trying treat the occasion as a massive celebration but could also feel so many different surges of emotions

Sweaty souls all blended into one, cheering, singing, dancing like no-ones watching it had that total 90’s old skool vibe, where everyone there was there for a good time only and to give their thanks, respect and love to their true hero ‘Carl Cox’ and do him proud by showing him their devotion.  Thanks to Alex Hodgkinson a hardcore techno fan of Space and Carl Cox, and my awesome friend. He helped me danced across every part of the main room fondly known as ‘Discoteca’. To experience every angle of this explosive night…we even took the stand right in front of the man himself on the dance floor… Not for the faint hearted but so worth the feeling and energy buz to seeing Carl Cox throwing himself into the music that close, mesmerizing visuals behind him and everybody around you shining like a bright glowing star… a tender sight for me was a guy in a wheelchair, god knows how he got to the middle front of that dance floor and rocked with us, only by the kindness of others it truly was a night of goodness… OH Yes OH Yes ..

Quite a few times I was quite overwhelmed from the emotions and kindness I felt all around..with the space classics Dimitri from Paris’s edit of Stardust, ‘Music Sounds Better With You’, Green Velvet – Flash ( Danny Tenaglia’s Nitrous Oxide Mix ), Deetron – Photon (Original Mix) and Layo & Bushwacka! – “Love Story (vs. Finally)” (Bushwacka! Bootleg Version) Just a few of my favourites keeping us all together, we moved with every beat he gave us …. “OH YES OH YES’” “SPACE What a man. What a legend. There was no colour, religion or sexuality here tonight just heartbeats and souls… and 100% Love for Carl Cox and of course the music!!

The only other time I managed to drag myself away from the Carl Cox room really was when I was passing through the covered terrace with DJ Sneak playing, and to be honest couldn’t actually pass through… he played an outrageous dark, slick and underground house, dance and electronic set…which kept me and Alex there until he finished.. With a mixture of outrageous tracks from Keep Rising – Oliver Deutschmann, Fo Sho – D’Estrada – Black Pyramids EP, Lullaby – The Cure Disintegration (remastered) and Nu Threads – Dave Aju – Black Frames sending the crowd absolutely insane.. Everyone it seems was on their best performance that night!  Morning had arrived, Space was still and expected packed and Carl Coxy set was coming to an end the last 3 tracks were Joe Smooth – Promised Land, Someday – Ce Ce Rogers but the mix which had everyone in a emotional state was when we heard Jim Morrison’s voice shout “This is the end, my only friend, the end.” we were then all sent over the edge by the next voice over the mic.

“Thank you all so, so, so much. This breaks my fucking heart,”

said Carl Cox and so with that an end of an era was signalled.  Finishing with the last ever track played at ‘Revolution’ Space….Angie Stone ‘Wish I Didn’t Miss You’?

With tears pretty much in everyone’s eyes worn out clubbers, from every nationality and age, hugged each other around the club in honour of a man who’s given us 15 years of amazing times. This part of the final chapter was so sadly over…

Was it worth traveling all the way to Ibiza for this, the answer is abso-fuckin-lutely. I knew that I’d not regret experiencing his last residence, life is too short to not seize the opportunities and this was a lifetime experience and an absolute pleasure to witness and one I will treasure and still talk about for many years to come…I begin to leave Space the final time in my sweaty and glowing state, I look around the beaming faces of my friends and everyone chatting already of their favourite part of the night, with the bright and warm morning sun shining down on us….I link arms with also a sweaty Phutek “So it’s 10am in the morning and we have just left the biggest party of the year…. The last ever! Space “Revolution” Final Chapter with Carl Cox and it’s brilliant sunshine and you have forgotten your sunglasses… after making such a rookie mistake… How are you feeling right now?”

Phutek & Carl Cox

Phutek: Very very shell shocked! Mixed emotions right now and yes as you know I’m not one for daylight when you come out of clubs, so yeah forgetting my sunglasses is a big mistake (Phutek laughs) . Before I came to this night, I did think I would be more out the front with everyone paying homage to him and enjoy as much of his set on the dance floor like you were. However it was almost impossible for me because everyone has a weakness and mine is claustrophobia and it was, as you would expect ridiculously busy in Space tonight. Even to get onstage at Carl’s level was impossible to even walk up the steps most of the night.

So once I found the hospitality VIP area behind the Dj box outside, it was a great place to hang for at least half of the night as anyone that is Techno production and artist wise was out there, and they had erected a 25ft x 25ft monster screen showing Carl Cox indoors powered by a tidy Funktion one soundsystem. So we were able to still watch and hear the night unfold without missing a beat. So I had a mixture of meeting many friends within the music scene and also people I was friends with in other countries that I had not met in person before. But there was no way I was gonna endure all the night outside, and went forcibly inside and onto that rammed stage with Carl for the second half of the set.

Phutek on the left (older space photo)

Victoria: I did see you though for the last few hours on the main stage, looking like you were enjoying yourself?

Phutek: Yeah it was good, I was around people I’ve met since becoming friends with Carl and him supporting my music, I’ve followed him around and been invited by him to most of his UK gigs and got to know his sister Pam and his best mate Ian Hussey and many other now mutual close friends his and his family and also people who have worked at Space and his production and management team. So it was like a big family on stage and the emotions were amazing grouped up there!

It also was a nice to see Carl playing Vinyl again after 6-7years from that position, especially as I am a massive vinyl enthusiast, and it’s the real showmanship skilled way to be a DJ, and Coxy was the first to woo the World on the Technics as dance music first became a force. So I was really licking my lips and buzzing my little nipples off having the luxury to watch Carl on the 1210’s again from only a few feet away for half of such an epic night.

To hear the music he played was so on point. Carl’s immaculate choice of tracklist over that monster set was something else. And he really rolled through the history of so many Space anthems. It was quite emotional to hear each and every song. Each one had a memory lined to Carl and/or my own journey through 25 years in music. I would imagine even it would of shocked quite a lot of the youngest there, some of the stuff he was playing really were the big Space tracks, but they younger ones never experienced them live in the best club in the World before. They were very well selected and they got more personal to Carl and emotionally driven as he got closer to the final hour.

To be that close to Carl visually especially in the last hour  watching the reality of the very end being nigh, slowly crushing one of the most humblest and bubbliest DJ I have ever known, and to then see him in this emotional state at the very end was very hard to watch, if you didn’t know how much that club meant to Carl, well there was no hiding by the close, he is so genuine and passionate and gentle guy so as it’s only minutes after seeing them last moments now and I’m walking down this street with you Victoria, I’m really numb after just experiencing that whole epic experience that ended in such a sad way and reality is kicking in right now thinking this is the last time i walk out Space club, walk through the car park, yeah this is the last time and hard to think yeah it is actually over… what can I say the perfect evening then it twists to reality in second and devastation is kicking in that it won’t ever be done again.

So time for shower yes, rest…not really! But definitely time for food, beer and back with Phutek for our more up and personal interview…

Victoria: So Craig it’s finally nice to have a more quiet moment with you after more than a whirlwind of a few days. With so much hype right now on the island with Carl Cox, I got to ask how did you go from you seeing Carl Cox first as a young clubber…… to him playing so many of your tracks?

Phutek: Well,  it was a tough way and was not just as easy as people think ………. I’m still not clear who was the actual poignant person that delivered my tracks to him. I think it was more of a collective effort of a few great close friends of mine and maybe Carl’s sister Pam that got Carl to finally hear my music and ending up falling in love with it.

I think respectively & effectively it was between one of three people, obviously first and foremost myself due [to]coming up with the idea’s that actual found it working out for me in some ways,, there are a few things that went on quite close at the same time, a very good friend of mine Krešo Petrae Rebac AKA the legendary PETRAE FOY rekindled our old friendship after losing touch for a couple of years, through becoming manager to one of my oldest friends Lisa Lashes.  And our friendship reignited as he was now living very close to me and Lisa.  I was having a little music moan  and expressing my frustration in how hard it was to get my music in the right peoples hands especially Carl Cox’s as I always thought of him in most productions being he was one of my main Influences for more than 2 decades.

I basically said to him, “I know I’m making brilliant music, I just can’t get it in the correct hands“, this that and the other, “I know all these people yet none of them seem to be able to help”.  He said “I’ll tell you what Craig, I know Carl really well so well, give me your three best tunes, on a CD or a USB and when i go out to Ibiza with (Lisa lashes), I’ve arranged to meet up with Carl [for his birthday bash], we’ll probably have some alone time with him, and I promise you, I will at least put that USB in his hand.”  And he did just that.

Around the exact same time I went to HD festival in Essex to meet Habs Akram whom on the day was doing the VDJ for the main outdoor stage which Carl Cox and Marco Carola were headlining. Carl Cox’s sister Pam Cox was also there in Habs and Carl’s company and I got introduced to her and we got on straight away. I ended up passing both Habs and Pam a USB stick with my hottest tracks on, and both promised, ‘no matter what’ they would get the music to him.

Then about a month later, one crazy week happened, I got tipped off that Carl had been interviewed and asked what top 10 tracks were gonna burn the Nevada desert at The Burning Man, and he charted my track ‘They will use your mind’ This proved my friend Petrae Foy delivery of my tracks as that track was on the USB I gave him. Then in the same week I got a call from Habs Akram and he asked ‘what you doing?’ I told him I was just leaving the studio at midnight and driving home. He said ‘mate you are going to need to pullover you need to see this’…So I pulled over and  the next minute I’ve got a personal video message off Carl Cox himself – sitting at his dining table in his Australian home and says “Mate, thank you for sending these tracks, these are absolutely wicked and absolute FIRE, keep sending me stuff like this and ill be supporting this kind of tracks now and into the future… and this was confirmation that he got the USB’s from Habs and  off his sister Pam also as he was playing my track ‘Shadows of my mind’ and that was only on the USB that I gave his sister.

The Future Habs , Mo, Phutek Steve Mudler at Space VIP

 Victoria: so what kind of support have you received since from Carl?

Phutek: I would say he plays 70% of the tracks I send him in bundles here and there, he might play all of them, I don’t know, it’s just so hard to discover his track listings, as he does so many gigs, and not all of them are available and documented. But most importantly he plays them at the very biggest even in his calendar, the big room clubs like SPACE, and the monster festivals like AWAKENINGS , TIMEWARP and TOMORROW LAND. Any support off Carl is appreciated so much, its those type of events that I primarily design my sound for. So to get the biggest DJ in the World drop them at some of the biggest events and stages in the World for the last few years, is THE ULTIMATE.

TimeWarp (2015) Carl Cox played five of my tracks in one set, you occasionally might see two or three tracks from an artist at the most.  But to get that many in one set  was massive and absolutely mind blowing for me, and was a big part of Carl’s support that started moving my career more forward to different levels. Music request of higher grade started flying in, and DJ gigs that were on my radar were starting to approach me. So I can’t thank Carl enough for showcasing my music in such a crazy way. He of course knows this, many a night when we meet up I slobber all over him, thanking him for his continued support.

Victoria: You played at Awakenings earlier this year… how was that and will you be playing again for them?

Phutek: Yeah it was fantastic, it’s what dreams are made of, and obviously it was somewhere that was on my radar. And certainly came a lot, lot earlier than I expected. And

it was extra special that it was Awakenings UK debut event, and I was the only UK Debutante artist on this history in making first visit to the UK from one of the biggest brands in the World, and certainly the biggest in Techno”

My main intent, direction fort my career for a good while was always to lose myself in the studio for a couple of years, get some good production content banked then set up my own label to give myself a bit of a base camp. I had only just started to then aim at the next stage getting the right DJ gigs after conquering the label and production goals, then I got the call for Awakenings. Again a little bit of indirect Carl Cox presence and support helped this come along a bit faster. One of the Awakenings main promoters were with Carl in his artist Cabin at WeAreFestival in 2015. And when I entered to meet up with Carl, after Carl had said hi and mentioned my name, discovered that a couple of times Carl had played recently at Awakenings events the Awakenings promoter had asked for name of track Carl was playing and it always tended to be one of mine.  So it was not the main reason, but certainly helped open the door for the booking of a lifetime to start to be discussed. It played the first 2 house of the event in Manchester. And was reluctant to play to light, even though professionally you normally set the tone for the night, and I did for the first quarter of the set, but it didn’t take long for the room to fill out and as soon as I dropped that first Phutek track the whole arena went with it big me so then just went my own way own way with my own sound. Because the energy changed, and Phutek sound is what I was primarily booked for.

Victoria: Well I was actually there dancing at the back and totally loved your set.. totally rocked that room it was full and of energy so early….. Amazing start to the night..

Phutek: Thanks I certainly know you were there matey….LOL….. yeah I don’t need to lie to the many people that were there that night, but as far as warm up sets go, it was a risk I took going to my own sound early on but it worked big time, I just kept things a little pitched down for the time of the night and still did not suffocate my sound…Ill go as far saying I’ve never had so many comments on the night and on Social pages saying they had never seen a warm up set so good and like that, the Arena was cooking, and I agree with them, from the other side of the decks perspective and from all my years clubbing I had not seen an Arena so buzzing that early on.

It was also brilliant that so many friends and Phutek fans came down to support me too which I was so very taken back from, I did not know so many people followed my music, and had desired to hear me play.


 Victoria: Your record label Layer 909 seems to be doing really well, are you pleased with the outcome so far and what can we expect in the future

Phutek: Yeah it’s done brilliantly well in its first 18 months. 18 releases in and I am happy all the releases are very close to what sound and kind of Techno I wanted the label to represent. I have had belief in friends that are not so well known but have the correct production sound I’m looking for over flashing out from the off brilliant big names that sell music. Identity and stand alone difference like I have achieved as Phutek was primarily the plan in the first to years of Layer 909 project plan.

But we are just about to turn up the anti in 2017, with a lot of my favourite ‘well know’ Techno producers now wanting to make the Layer 909 sound to be part of my family.

We have consolidated a good presence on both Beatport and Traxsource faster then we predicted, which is massive and unheard of for a label of our age. We are getting main page features on both stores and have had amazing Top 100 and Top 10 presence with nearly every release, especially the more recent ones. Phutek – 9-People and Halvy – Fentanyl. Layer 909 events are about to be thought about in 2017, which again is much earlier than the original project plan suggested, but everything else is moving faster than predicted. So we are rolling with what comes next as we achieve our goals. Certainly going to see a higher presence of releases next year for sure.

But most importantly keeping to the “Big Room’ driving sound of Techno as our strict music policy.

I would say to anyone that is looking for a label to send music to, then study our back catalogue first. If your tracks say ‘technofire’ from start to finish then we may be the label for you. And I want to sign double the amount of tracks in 2017 than I did 2016. So will be looking for lots more new music this winter.

 Victoria: Also your Phutek Brand as an artist seems to be doing just as well….

 Phutek: Unfortunately for me at the start of the year I had a change in personal circumstances, but fortunately I’m so ahead with my music (about 20 tracks always banked) it would not of really shown I had actually had to slow down, because of moving house etc  Add to that production success and the Awakening booking being announced I had an acceleration of DJ bookings which also took me out of the studio also. It was a positive change though, as the break from constant day in day out music production really helped refresh my ideas in my mind when I got back in the studio. And the gigs that I did such as Awakenings and a few abroad in the Spring, I got a lot of inspiration from them Arena’s and clubs, and feel my music has become a little more experimentive and fresh again like my early days. Slowly targeting certain labels I really like in the second half of the year. There is a massive Phutek release coming out on one of them labels, Jumpstereo on the 12/12/2016 with a massive remix from the amazing Spektre. Gave both version exclusive to Carl real real early and it has had the same kind of craziness pre-release as what Phutek – Timerunner  had, so all involved are excited for this one to get in the stores. Also working on some bits for Spektre’s Respekt label and a few other exciting bits that will come out in the social media pages very soon.

Phutek Awakening Poster 2

And of course I continue with my amazing relationship with Pedro Delgardo at Yin Yang. I will always be putting stuff out through this amazing label. Pedro can’t compliment me enough and really shouts my name about. He is one of the few nice guys left from my era. And his vibe is infectious and works hard like me. And of course ill be spreading some gems on my Layer 909. Even my first ever EP is due early 2017, a very tasty, exciting selection of different sounding tracks that will be.  Victoria: What can we expect from Phutek 2017…Have you already started planning for next year?  Phutek: Yeah, I’m gonna be a bit more business like is the only thing really I’m gonna change as a big change. I am desperate to get the right management onside. It’s the last thing in my armoury I believe missing. The impressive Sub-Merged boys have big plans next year and I have verbally been told by them boys I am big part of their plans, but nothing concrete yet. But they are busy boys at the moment putting together amazing ideas. So we will hope to see if that materializes. I do hope so.

And lot more gigs next year, you will have more opportunity’s to see me showcase my sound. Already 2 summer festival bookings for next summer which is a good sign. One of them a brand new festival called HOME in the UK. It’s one to watch out for, a really good concept of House & Techno over a whole weekend.

And a big chance of a Layer 909 Arena at one of the UK’s best festivals, but I don’t find out 100% until early December on the decision, but early word is…it’s looking positive.

 Victoria: So what 3 tracks in your play list never fail to get the dance floors crazy across the world, and why you think they have such an effect?

Phutek: 1. FORMAT #1 – SOLID SESSIONS (DJ MISJAH XXL REMIX) First one is a track from yesteryear. Released at a time 96/97 that music being produced was in an amazing experimental period. So many new sounds naturally mixing together when genre labelling was not so rife. This is a solid, driving, Techno track, with monster melodic presence. Some tunes just tell story’s emotively without words or lyrics. This is one of them. Killer crunchy, metallic percussion and grooves roll along building and building to a simple trance esq lead synth line in the main breakdown, which all land together in devastating effect in the drop, after a crazy big build in the main breakdown. Never fails to light up any party.

  1. Second one is a track that is very current and it’s a track i signed to my own label Layer 909, and has only just hit the stores recently. Made by talented trio of lads called SILHOUETT3 – the track is called FALLOUT. And its f**king AWESOME! With so much ‘template techno’ (same sounding) out there at the moment, this track stands alone and is just a pure mind bending, full on, driving Techno masterpiece. It’s my favourite signing to Layer 909, and you just have to listen to the whole 8 minutes of this loud to see how good it really is.
  2. PHUTEK – TIMERUNNER probably the most synonymous track universally that ties new fans to me in the last 18 months. Hammered by Carl Cox at every Major festival around the World in 2015 before its release in December 2015 on IAM T. Drew attention to me to the mighty Awakenings, which helped lead to a debut break for me at their UK debut in Manchester in FEB 2015, and they also went on to use the track as their promo soundtrack to the event promo video. This is a pure floor filler every time. An Infectious big wash drum, percussive, driving, Techno Groove leads to a monster old skool synth storyline in a main breakdown that builds and crashes back delightfully  into a Techno thrashing fiesta.

 Victoria: Phutek it’s been an absolute pleasure darling and I could easily keep talking to you, but I think we would then need to write a book than an interview…

Phutek: Haha very true and thank you and Iconic Underground for your hospitality on this trip…   So leaving the bar I started thinking and my conclusion to my epic one 2 one time with Phutek, I have learned so much more about a guy I realise now, I only knew small pieces of.

This is a guy that oozes across the board musical knowledge from over 2 decades in the music scene, not only in Techno as we know him now. This is someone that constantly talking musical history, and especially tracks, blew my mind he could name a track instantly after only hearing a bar of music, whether it be poolside, on a dancefloor, in a DJ booth, this guy knew his shit.

I mean watching him in just the first 48 hours arriving and his relationships with the likes of Grooverider, Lawler, Medhat, Lashes and Cox in just 2 days, I started to see he has travelled through all the many sounds and twists dance music has taken, and along the way he has gained respect and friendships from some of the scenes leading peers in all different sound realms. And I was right, he has produced and played nearly all forms of dance music of the years, and this expresses in him as an artist, once you are aware of that.

I can feel this guy’s passion tenfold having the ace opportunity to ghost him constantly to do this piece. It was extra special to get the chance to see this side of a guy in relaxed out of studio mode / DJ mode. As he pointed out many a time this was the closest he would get to a holiday away from a life that is obsessively soddened sometimes 14 hours a day passionately on music back home.  Stitching together what I knew of Phutek before this trip, his amazing energetic big room Techno tracks and DJ sets and add to that what I came to discover on this trip. He is unique right now because he has been a little bit of everything that dance music has thrown together from the very start, his musical blueprint has every taste of all that history, And you can feel  he is on a mission to get all of this out as an individual sound as a producer and DJ artist. Notably all the time it seems he is  playing homage to his 2 main influences through his 24 year journey, Carl Cox and The Late Great Tony De Vit.

The energy, variability and infectious drive in Phuket’s own sound is synonymous to what we know about these 2 greats. Carl Cox notably now being such a big fan of his productions for the last 3 years most certainly clarifies a tick in that notion box. And if you go and check this guy actually DJ there is an uncanny likenesses and similarly to what was one of TDV magical domains, ‘To stand out at an event’.  The few times I have been to a gig Phutek has played on, like De Vit in the old glory’s days you are always left like they had came to make you dance most and certainly dance very harder than the rest, and you knew straight away they had took over the decks!  I would like to give this personal thanks to him and our amazing adventure together and feel privileged that I can now call him my friend

Victoria Ball