Paul Rodriguez Music Ltd [Publisher]

Paul Rodriguez Music Ltd [Publisher]

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PRMPaul Rodriguez Music formed in 1974, after Paul Rodriguez left Intersong Music in order to set up his own company. Paul Rodriguez was a natural musician himself, playing at various times trumpet, saxophone and bass guitar. He and long-term friend, Bob Solly, formed the backbone of the rhythm and blues band, The Manish Boys, whose lead singer was the then little known but highly talented David Jones aka David Bowie. Paul went on to work at Pye Records, Phillips/Flamingo and then Intersong Music (subsequently bought by Chappells, now Warner Chappell), before striking out on his own.

In its early years, the company grew through the acquisition of various jazz (Humphrey Lyttleton, Chris Barber, Kenny Ball) and reggae (Yabby U, Jackie Mittoo, Errol Dunkley) catalogues, followed by the catalogues of the various contributing members of the renaissance collective, the Consort of Musicke, most notably Anthony Rooley.

The early nineties brought with it harder dance music. Paul, always a lover of all things fringe, leapt to sign up the leaders of the emerging drum and bass, hardcore and hard dance scenes, Hixxy, Dougal, Billy Daniel Bunter, Force and (Darren) Styles, Mark Breeze, Twisted Individual, Zen, the vast majority of whom are still active and still represented by us today.

The early noughties brought charting successes as dance acts such as Ultrabeat, Kelly Llorenna, and Flip & Fill mined the ‘90s hardcore song repertoire and made them over into commercial pop/dance hits. Meanwhile, the drum and bass catalogues of Twisted Individual, Zen, and later signings Generation Dub (now better known separately as Original Sin and Sub Zero), Taxman, Jaydan, and Supreme Being, continued to perform strongly. Darren Styles, always at the forefront of the hardcore scene, has since managed to successfully straddle the hardcore and commercial dance markets, with strongly performing albums on All Around The World.

From its earliest days, the company has been involved in the representation of artists’ and record labels’ neighbouring rights, and has built up a vast catalogue of repertoire including pop, dance, jazz, blues, and reggae. In most cases we also have the right to grant synchronisation licences, which means there is a sizeable catalogue of music for which we can grant synchronisation licences on both the sound recording and publishing. We hope you enjoy browsing our online music database.

On the media side, we represent and have long-standing associations with some of the UK’s top media composers’ catalogues, including Paul Farrer, Julian Ronnie, David Lowe, Dave Hubbard, and Colin Winston-Fletcher, as well as administering publishing arms for television production companies such as 12 Yard Productions (until it was bought by ITV), Cicada Films, Oxford Film Co, and Bullseye TV (now part of Zodiak). We also have our own catalogue of MCPS library music and have acquired other library music catalogues in recent years, such as AVP and Big Noize.

Paul Rodriguez Music, now headed up by Paul’s daughter, Lucy Rodriguez-Laranjo, who worked alongside Paul for many years absorbing his knowledge and wisdom, will continue to build on the company’s past commercial and media successes, providing a strong administrative and advisory service to its clients whilst looking for synchronisation opportunities in a highly competitive market.

Paul Rodriguez (June 1944 – August 2013). Loved and missed.

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