Cut Once Latest Single

Cut Once Latest Single

May 19, 2016 Off By Editor

Cut Once Latest Single

This ‘iconic’ band in the making hail from Dublin and Waterford in Ireland, and are making some seriously big waves since arriving on the Irish scene with their incredible debut single Institution

I’ve had the pleasure in interviewing Michael Heffernan and Aisling Browne in previous publications about their meteoric rise in the last year since releasing their self titled debut Cut Once EP

Their sound is described as a weighty electronic synth pop, punctuated with driving basslines held together by a powerful and cohesive central vocal.

Cut Once release their fourth single “Crave” on 29th of April 2016

Cut Once are set to play all major festivals this summer and are currently in the studio writing an album due for release in Autumn 2016. Also watch out for another exclusive interview with this dynamic duo in the next issue of ‘iconic underground’

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