Patrick Hero – Butterfly / Painkiller [Se-Lek Musik]

Patrick Hero – Butterfly / Painkiller [Se-Lek Musik]

May 29, 2017 Off By Iconic Underground

Artist – Patrick Hero – Title – Butterfly / Painkiller
Label – Se-Lek Musik – Exclusive Beatport Release – 22nd May 17 – Cat – SELEK029
Craig Brogan Rating: 9/10
For those of you who are unaware of this man’s work, let me start off by telling you that this E.P will surely speak for it’s self!
But let’s clear a few things here first. Our Patrick here has released an outstanding amount of tracks that have regularly charted over at Traxsource. He even landed a Number 1 slot with his track ‘Ketamin’. To be perfectly honest, I think he has secured every number within the top 100.
Labels he has released on include and or not limited to, SUMA RECORDS, Ibiza World Records, Abracadabra Recordings and many more. Today we will be checking out his latest release for ‘Se-Lek Musik’
Ok let’s see what we have here.
First up we have ‘Butterfly’

Oooft!!! after some delicate FX and ambience, the track lands straight away with tight Kick & Bass. Already we can hear how punchy and snappy each sound is, everything is clean as you would expect. Some awesome FX rises and synth stabs get us more involved as we pass the first break. There is some really great smooth texture of sound going on here. We have a dark progressive track on our hands with this one, I’m really digging the synths on this! and the percs are spot on! with a solid rolling bass line that has been present from the start and by no means gets anywhere close to being boring. The production level here stands out and the progression just lands safely at the end of the track keeping us interested in what we have just heard. Shall we replay? of course!
you can expect to find this track placed carefully right after warm up duties, this would be a great bridging track between bpm and style. A very nicely produced track. There’s a sense of calm within this track, nothing seems to peak out and disrupt the groove that was introduced from the beginning.

Next up we have ‘Pain Killer’

Even before checking this out, it would be easy to assume that we have some bass on our hands!
Yup, we do indeed, and man! this is already shaping up to be my favourite of the two!
If your looking for that ever impressive funky techno vibe we have all grown to love, then you have just found your track!
Again the production level is of high quality, the use of space is quite immense. Huge environment going on behind the snappy kick and groovy bass. Great use of space, everything seems to be snug in there own pockets here. Midway through the track you will hear some excellent synth work coupled with huge reverb, I say huge, but subtle at the same time. Everything is contained, nothing is bleeding more than it needs to. Delays are spot on. That bass line just cuts through the entire time! great use of panning. The stereo field is certainly being given the Patrick Hero approach. Everything is so damn clean!
Decide for yourself, but I could imagine this being dropped right in the middle of an already slamming set. The groove on this just keeps on going! Definitely my favourite of the two! Can we expect another Number 1 Patrick? I hope so!
Well there we have it, I hope you can grab a little of what this E.P has to offer from my own view. Be sure to check this out and why not go visit your local digital audio site and purchase some awesome talented production from both Patrick Hero & Selek-Musik.