Owen Offset’s ”Inhale“ strikes for AA012

Owen Offset’s ”Inhale“ strikes for AA012

September 15, 2016 Off By Editor

Owen Offset’s „Inhale“ strikes for AA012 with a massive remix bundle. After the thriving ”Platen EP“, the Maltese DJ & producer is back to his best – breathtaking techno.

The original is an exciting masterpiece, driven on a low-beasty rotating bassline. A looming and menacing synth enters the track, followed by a female moan full of relish – or is it just an inhale? Decide yourself.

owen offset press pack 3

Remix round one is from none other than Sven Wittekind. The boy from the Abstract family adds some rawness and pounds straighter through the speaker and scores with a filtered acidic bassline. Like a mighty techno trip.

Boss-time for remix number two: Dominik Vaillant takes a wild ride and opens the synth for a turbulent and expanded flight. Don’t stop inhaling.

The topping of the remix’s comes from techno legend Joey Beltram. He stirs his experiences into this interpretation and the result is a highly elaborated piece of powerful techno with a touch of retro-sounding elements, but contemporarily fresh! There’s still a magic in this guy’s studio and gives the full EP an excellent accolade.