Ninna V: Releasing Unwavering Originality in the Underground Techno Scene

Ninna V: Releasing Unwavering Originality in the Underground Techno Scene

October 6, 2023 Off By Editor

As UK Acid Techno pioneer Bad Boy Pete reminds us in his recent interview, Techno once stood for “anti-establishment thinking” and experimentation during the earlier years of the scene.

It was viewed as the wild and naughty child before getting drowned out later in the current oversaturated noise. However, like any dedicated crate digger, if you pay attention, dig, and discover, you’ll find decades worth of raw talent!

Underground Portuguese Techno DJ and Producer Ninna V embodies that fierce post-punk independence and originality right from the earliest days of Techno landing in Europe.

She never deviated from that core spirit to follow trends and fads or to conform to cliques; she never compromised her artistic originality

Three decades later, she is still on her game, remaining true, passionate, and possessing an incredible love and deep intellectual understanding of this scene.

Remember when artists stood for something and backed their opinions, right or wrong? Ninna V does!

This is her latest 2-track EP, ‘The Phantom Menace,’ born after a year of creative struggle that many producers would appreciate. She persisted through it, and for us, picking a favorite is subjective, but Track 2, ‘The Paradox of Lies,’ in keeping with her steel will, pounds!

Track 1 has a more driving, atmospheric late ’90s Underworld vibe, which she captures beautifully. Any dance music enthusiasts who lived and partied through that era in Dublin and beyond know what I’m referring to [Jonny Imc Flashback Dublin, Laynee, Dean Sherry, Paddy Sheridan].

It’s a whopper release, and Ninna V deserves massive respect as an artist who has more than earned her place as one of the longest-running true European Techno DJs!

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