DJ Spotlight: Emmie, the Rising Star of Irish Techno

DJ Spotlight: Emmie, the Rising Star of Irish Techno

October 14, 2023 Off By Editor
Interview Mattew Musa
Introduction, editing, design Mike Moggi Mannix 

DJ Emmie, one of Ireland’s rising Techno talents has been making waves with her unique fusion of hardgroove and techno, infused with the pioneering vibes of the early ’90s and ’00s.

Emmie’s sets in the club scene create an electrifying, nostalgic energy, reminiscent of the golden era of electronic music. In a recent interview, she shared insights into her influences, aspirations, and her journey from a student at TU Dublin to a promising DJ. Discover what drives this talented artist and her dreams for the future.
MM: HI Emmie nice to see you again, last time was at the Well in Dublin for a Duna showcase with Circuit Structure Records, RLSD, and special guest Conceptual. Your set was amazing! How was it for you that night?
E: Hi, it’s great to be here, thanks for having me! I really enjoyed my set and was so exciting getting to open things up for such talented artists. I took a slightly different approach with my track selection than I normally would as I felt I had the chance to explore and try something new which was great.
MM: When did you start DJing? 
E: October last year I joined the DJ society in TU Dublin, and I’ve been djing since. What drives me to be a dj is I get to share my love for music to the crowd for other people to enjoy, I love digging on youtube to find the best tracks that give me a feeling of euphoria and energy that I can share with others and ones that I find aren’t as often played on the dancefloor. I also love that I get to meet great, like minded people in the scene.
MM: Which artists have influenced you the most? 
E: An artist that’s influenced me the most is Vince Watson, I love the way his tracks give a feeling of euphoria and I think his tracks are quite unique compared to other arists. I always incorporate his tracks into my set. I also take inspiration from artists such as Deetron, Blasha & Allat, and Tafkamp.
MM: Any plans to produce?
E: At the moment I’m DJing, however, I’ve recently downloaded Ableton so I’m looking forward to working towards hopefully being able to produce my own tracks in the future.
MM: Any plans for the future in your DJ career? 
E: In the near future I’d like to start mixing vinyl as a lot of my tracks I play are from that era of time and It means I’d be able to play some of my favourite tracks that are vinyl-only in my sets.

The art of vinyl mixing is so intriguing to me, I think it’s more exclusive and intimate and allows for more of a story to be told through the music

and that’s something I’d love to be able to do.
MM: Any advice for someone who wants to become a DJ?
E: Go for it! It might be scary at first but you’ll get there. If you’re in college and there’s a DJ society, definitely join it, if not invest in a controller to start with and go from there.
MM: Nice one