Navigating Beats and Dreams: A Conversation with Istanbul’s Techno Visionary, SU.M.I.A

Navigating Beats and Dreams: A Conversation with Istanbul’s Techno Visionary, SU.M.I.A

February 22, 2024 Off By Editor

Interview Mattew Musa

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In the ever-evolving landscape of techno music, emerging talents shine brightly against the backdrop of established scenes, bringing fresh sounds and innovative perspectives to the dance floor.



One such talent, SUMIA, has quickly become a beacon of creativity and inspiration in Istanbul’s techno scene. As the founder of Volx Community & Record Label, SUMIA is not only defining her musical journey through the expression of deep emotions but also paving the way for others in the community.

With a sound characterized by raw analog synths and deep, self-recorded vocals, her tracks navigate the spectrum of human emotions, aiming to take listeners on an immersive journey. In this exclusive interview, SUMIA shares insights into her artistic process, her evolution as a musician and producer, and her aspirations for the future.


MM: Hi Sumia, thanks for accepting the interview. How are you keeping? How has the start of the new year been for you?

Sumia: This year started too fast for me, bringing many changes into my life. I’m set to release many tracks and podcasts, which I’m very excited about. Unlike last year, I’m working on edits of some of my favorite songs. Since I’ve never edited before, I believe this work will be a significant learning experience for me.

Combining different music styles and engaging listeners in the scene is very valuable to me”


MM: When did you start playing music? And producing?

Sumia: Music has been a part of my life for a long time. I started by playing drums in high school; my sister played electric guitar, and we had a small band. Later, I took an interest in the saxophone, but that didn’t go very well because I am a heavy smoker. Six years later, I began electronic music production!

Furkan Alper, a friend and mentor, taught me much of what I know. I believe I improve myself every moment, as each new piece I create has a different style. It makes me happy to witness my own growth, as it allows me to better analyze myself. My DJ career started about 3 years ago. Initially, I was afraid of going on stage due to a phobia of crowds, so I still get very excited until I connect with the audience when I first go on stage.


MM: What do you love the most when you play in a club or festival?

Sumia: Both have their unique charms, both when having fun and when playing as a DJ. It’s a tough question 🙂

Sumia. Photographer Behzad Satvat, Elşan Ranjbar – Make up artist Madina Ibragimova

MM: Any favorite clubs in the world where you’d like to play? For the crowd, for the atmosphere?

Sumia: There are many clubs where I’d love to perform, but Berghain, Fabrik, and Hi Ibiza stand out to me. However, there are many more clubs where I really want to perform.


MM: Is there any new project or tour coming up this year? Any spoilers about some dates around the world or some releases? Any chance to see you soon in Dublin?

Sumia: I would love to play in Dublin for sure! I’m planning a USA tour soon and have frequent European gigs, but it might not be right to mention them until they’re announced. The projects that excite me the most this year are the album I will release with Blackworks, alongside my very successful producer friends, and

it will be my first vinyl record”

I will also be working on many projects with dear Indira Paganotto’s label, Artcore Records. These two works are the collaborations that excite me the most right now.


MM: What do you think about the techno scene in Istanbul? How is it going?

Sumia: To be honest, it’s a stage where you cannot listen to many new DJs because many DJs do not get included in line-ups and performances generally happen within communes, that is, promoters and their friends. Due to state and economic pressures, we unfortunately cannot see many hard techno scenes. The clubs that I believe keep the culture alive have also closed. This is quite sad for me because for all these reasons,

I do not often have the opportunity to perform in my country”


MM: If you have any advice for someone who would like to DJ around the world like you, what would it be?

Sumia: Stay strong, babe! You may face a lot of criticism. People can criticize your music style, personality, clothing, and many other things. I see this as a psychological war, a battle of expressing yourself with your music and never giving up, no matter what you hear or experience.

Remember that almost every artist faces similar situations. If we work hard enough, we can overcome anything. Especially to those seeking advice, I recommend focusing on production because there’s nothing more motivating than having people dance to your songs on stage. And of course,

try not to get discouraged by feedback on your sets and tracks, understanding that many negative comments come from your unique musical style”


Sumia. Photographer Behzad Satvat, Elşan Ranjbar – Make up artist Madina Ibragimova


MM: Thanks, SUMIA, for the great chat. It was a pleasure for us, and thanks for the advice you gave. We hope to see you soon, and Happy New Year! Best of luck with everything!

Sumia: Same here, thank you for your attention to my music. Hope we all have a great year!