Exploring the Sonic Depths: Long Island Sound’s ‘Fracture EP’ – A Genre-Blending Odyssey

Exploring the Sonic Depths: Long Island Sound’s ‘Fracture EP’ – A Genre-Blending Odyssey

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The “Fracture EP” by Dublin’s remarkably talented duo, Long Island Sound, marks their latest release through the Istanbul-based label, Oath.

This work stands out as a dynamic and genre-defying exploration, highlighting the duo’s versatility and prowess in the electronic music domain. Comprising four tracks, the EP skillfully blends elements of breakbeat, garage, leftfield house, and electronica, offering a compelling sonic journey.

Long Island Sound’s adeptness at navigating diverse genres with finesse, all while retaining an ethereal quality across the EP, is truly noteworthy”

The standout track “Flare” receives an exceptional rework from breakbeat maestro Otik. This remix introduces playful stereo imagery with reverberated vocals, adding depth to the original piece. Otik’s skillful enhancement lends “Flare” a glistening, lush quality, transforming it into an anthemic triumph on the dance floor.

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Furthermore, Spray, another gifted Irish artist, re-imagines the title track “Fracture,” infusing it with his signature progressive brilliance. This version delivers infectious basslines and tight, impactful drums, while the euphoric pad work pays homage to Long Island Sound’s original effort. Spray’s remix elevates the EP, offering a vibrant contrast and complement to the other tracks.

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Overall, the “Fracture EP” is a formidable and meticulously assembled collection that expands the boundaries of electronic music”

With Long Island Sound’s seamless genre fusion and the outstanding remixes by Otik and Spray, this release is essential for those in search of aural exploration on the dance floor.

“Our new EP, ‘Fracture,’ dives into darker spaces and emotions. We’ve devoted much time to experimenting with vocals, synths, and reverbs, aiming to forge intense, resonating moments suitable for both expansive and intimate settings.”

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