Music Review: Kalabash ‘Make Objects That Talk Then Listen to Them’

Music Review: Kalabash ‘Make Objects That Talk Then Listen to Them’

May 27, 2023 Off By Editor

Review GLOWKid

We’re dealing with an exciting new vibe and definetely something odd and completely different!


It’s all about a phenomenal new arrival from a new collective of musicians, sound designers and filmmakers, focused on producing narrative-driven electronic music through collaborative worldbuilding. In a nutshell, this is Kalabash.

This Spring, they kick off their electronic journey with the digital single ‘Make Objects That Talk Then Listen to Them’, which comes out through London’s Tropopause Records.

A tune inspired by how human-made objects are providing new and alien views of the world, while altering the human experience in the process.

The track combines a unique blend of textural and punchy leftfield techno with subtle hints of smooth R&B and breaks projected through a dystopian soundscape.

Their debut tune is accompanied with a music video, which is a split between Kalabash and film director Matt Hass

As officially stated,

the idea sprung from a conversation about non-human minds and how they might perceive humanity

It explores how removing the context of everyday objects and experiences forces us to re-interpret their meaning and see things from new angles.

The movement and organised chaos of the edit creates a glorious multi-sensory explosion, uplifting the sounds of Kalabash’s music and providing a fractured vision of modern life.



Tropopause Records



Words by Peri GLOWKiD