Plan your perfect holiday to Ibiza

Plan your perfect holiday to Ibiza

March 16, 2016 Off By Avalon

Whether it’s your first trip out to Ibiza or your tenth, everyone wants to experience the best White Isle holiday possible and one key essential you must do in order for this to happen is to plan your holiday thoroughly. Luckily for you, we are here to help.

Booking your first ever holiday can be one of the most exciting bookings of your life, after all it is the party capital of the world. There’s no better feeling than clicking confirm on your computer when ticking of all the necessary boxes than will accommodate your visit – flights, hotels, tickets and transfers.

It can also be very hectic too, especially if it’s your first time going to the White Isle. You will want to know where you can get the cheapest flight, where the best accommodation is to stay, what the hottest tickets are in Ibiza to purchase and of course those all convenient transfers so you don’t end up walking to and from the airport (especially with three or four suitcases in hand – that could prove to be a nightmare).

So if you want to avoid the holiday from hell and enjoy the party capital in all of its glory with no headaches along the way, then please sit down, get a pen and paper and take note of our advice on how you can plan your perfect holiday to Ibiza!

Booking flights

Having decided upon the ultimate destination (Ibiza of course, nowhere else compares), you will need to book your flight, after all, you aren’t going to swim to the White Isle are you?

We recommend you use SkyScanner. You can usually pick up a return flight ranging anywhere between £120-£180. Of course, the earlier that you book your return flight, the cheaper it will be so we suggest you avoid leaving it until the day before you fly.


Where shall I stay?

Good question, especially if you are an Ibiza virgin! If you are an elderly couple who want a relaxing, peaceful holiday, we suggest you avoid San Antonio and Playa D’En Bossa. Of course, if you have come to experience the highs of the part capital nightlife, you need to book your digs in the thick of the action.

San Antonio offers ideally located hotels at reasonable prices. With the nightlife on your doorstep in terms of a night out on the West End or a visit to one of San Antonio’s super-clubs like Eden Ibiza or Es Paradis Ibiza, you can’t go wrong. If you fancy a change of scenery too, you can always venture on down to the Sunset Strip to experience the Balearic sunset by Cafe Mambo.

Playa D’En Bossa is a little pricier however it is situated closer to all of the biggest super-clubs on the island. From Space Ibiza and Ushuaïa Ibiza to Sankeys Ibiza and DC10 Ibiza, you are spoilt for choice in terms of nightlife and with Bora Bora Beach situated on the coast, you have no excuses to go home without a tan.

If you are looking to experience the quieter and more historic side to Ibiza, then Ibiza Town is right up your street. With an unlimited amount of shops, hippy stands, the incomparable Dalt Vila and the glamorous Pacha Ibiza (if you fancy a night in Balearic paradise), Ibiza Town can cater to everyone’s needs.

You can check out all the hotels in Ibiza by clicking on the ‘Hotels’ option at the top of our home page.


Buying tickets

When looking to book tickets for your favourite nights out, unsurprisingly, many sell out quickly due to the high amount of demand from tourists across the globe looking to see their favourite artists. Well, you can avoid this by being smart and by acting fast.

We would always advise you to buy your club tickets in advance. Discuss what you want to do in Ibiza with your friends, transfer the money to whoever is going to book them and then click confirm as soon as you can. You don’t want to rock up with nothing booked and wing it; Ibiza is the king of all clubbing kingdoms, you don’t get to do it every day!

When purchasing your tickets in advance, we suggest you book them online. You can buy any ticket of your choice for any party in Ibiza via our website by clicking on ‘Buy Tickets’. Also, if you do leave it until the last minute, always buy your tickets from a stand; you never know who is selling fake tickets.


Booking transfers

Booking a transfer from the airport to your hotel is always advised. Nobody wants to walk with a handful of suitcases for hours upon hours on end, it’s just not the ideal way to kick off your summer holiday!

Instead, book a transfer. Many come with packaged holidays however if you have booked everything individually, you can always add on a transfer on your flight from SkyScanner for an extra fee. Alternatively, you can get a taxi from the airport to your hotel – we suggest you get an official taxi as opposed to an illegal one despite it being slightly more expensive. You can also travel in style by booking one of our transfers by clicking on ‘Airport Transfers’. Here you can travel in style in one of our top-of-the-range mini-buses or Mercedes Benz cars.



Let’s face facts, how many times do you get to experience Ibiza in a lifetime? Not every day. So if you’re in Ibiza this summer, you may as well go all out and experience it in style by  booking a couple of things VIP!

By booking a VIP table at one of Ibiza’s famous super-clubs, you get waited on hand and foot, you skip the long queue waits, you received the finest champagne and basically get an incomparable experience that you will never forget.

Sound tempting? You can book this luxurious and glamorous option by clicking ‘VIP’ at the top of our home page and then explore the VIP options available.


Source: My Ibiza