Mark Hill, Reece Whetter – I Don’t Need To Know [REVIEW]

Mark Hill, Reece Whetter – I Don’t Need To Know [REVIEW]

October 24, 2018 Off By Iconic Underground

Artist: Mark Hill V Reece Whetter – Title: I don’t need to know

Label: 60hz – Release Date: Friday 26th October


This is definitely a break from the norm for me reviewing this little track by Mark Hill of “Artful Dodger” fame from while back. I will avoid the obvious”rewind” puns and focus on the track.


Catchy little riff and really nice vocals on this that bumps along nicely, kind of reminds me of early jazzanova style, with a distinct uk flavour.


This is not usually my type of groove but like this, the production is tight and probably be big down sarf mate!.


Ok, just a quick little review as don’t want to comment to much, great little track. High production value. Will rock the clubs. The track does all the talking for itself listen HERE


Iconic Rating    9/10 Great stuff