Iconic Review Exclusive – Kozy – Krampus EP [Radiate]

Iconic Review Exclusive – Kozy – Krampus EP [Radiate]

October 19, 2018 Off By Editor

KoZY – Krampus

  1. Krampus (Original Home Mix)
  2. Krampus (Disscut Remix)
  3. Krampus (Mal Black Remix)

Cat – RAD009 Traxsource Exclusive Date – 19th Oct 18.


Radiate, new to the scene and releasing banger after banger. Here with this release, we have Italian producer KoZY with a three-track EP called Krampus. Remixes on this are provided by two of Radiates stalwarts, Disscut and Mal Black.

KoZY is well revered for his tech house and techno productions with releases on labels such as
Alchemy – Funk N Deep – Phunk Trax – Layer 909 – Black Cat and more, so well-seasoned in the scene. Ok, enough background let’s get into the EP itself.


  1. Krampus (Original Home Mix)
    The original bombs in with a nice groovy bassline, subtle hats and slamming kick filtering up to the first mini-break, swoosh and on we go keeping the tracks energy all the way to the main breakdown. Drumrolls and heavy synths take us to a melodic chime (reminds me of some movie years ago!) that tinkers with our ears for a little but before slamming back to the energy with a female vocal sample throughout right up to the main vocal sample of Halloween connections! We finish out with the standard exfil allowing for an easy t
    A big room banger and I’m sure it will do well on the dancefloor. 8/10


  1. Krampus (Disscut Remix)
    Disscut’s take on Krampus is similar in banging energetic kicks albiet at a different key, it does take a while to get somewhere at almost two minutes into the track before I was engaged, we get the same Halloween aligned melodic chime and male vocal treatment as our breakdown and wham back into the flow. While this mix is certainly full of energetic beans I did find a lot of repetition which kind of lost me in comparison to the Original Mix.
    Nonetheless Disscut has done a very good job, howev,er I wouldn’t put this as his best work (Thinking of his release ‘My Drug’, earlier this year as a benchmark.) 7/10

  2. Krampus (Mal Black Remix)
    You can tell Mal Black has had his hands on this, right from the get go there’s a darker feel to Mal’s interpretation of Krampus. For me this would be my favourite from the three on the EP, I could work this into a techno set at any part of the night and would get a good reaction, there’s both darker sides to it and banging energetic sides, a good all rounder if I were to describe it in a few words. Mal has produced some crackers and this one shows the work that went into it. 9/10, Well done Mal.

    Pablo C, phever.ie, October 2018.