Komakino Outface 30 Year Jubilee Edition

Komakino Outface 30 Year Jubilee Edition

January 11, 2024 Off By Editor
Review GLOWKid 

Within the landscape of hard trance’s evolution, ‘Outface’ stands tall as a quintessential emblem of the genre’s defining German rave sound.


Originating from the dynamic duo Komakino in 1993, this track remains a monumental milestone in the history of electronic music, pulsating through raves worldwide and embodying the essence of trance’s euphoric embrace.

Komakino, comprised of Detlev Hastik and Ralph Fritsch, carved a unique niche with their fusion of trance and techno elements, evident from their inaugural ‘Sector One’ EP in 1991 to their final testament in 2013 with ‘Yesterday’s Past’—an electrifying collection infused with an old-school ethos.

Their major classic ‘Outface’, debuted three decades ago, is part of the ‘Energy Trance EP,’ introduced by the G60-mix version.

This electrifying tune captures the very essence of euphoria, seamlessly melding catchy synths before the iconic drop demands,

Gimme a motherfuckin’ breakbeat!

‘—ushering in a bass-driven takeover.

Its six-minute journey, a rarity amidst today’s shorter tracks, crafts a compelling narrative with its intro, main segment, and outro.

Listen to ‘Outface’ here

Celebrating this timeless anthem, Systematic Recordings (founded by Mark Romboy) presents a limited vinyl—a 30-year jubilee edition of the 1993 rave classic.


The release features remixes by esteemed artists Egbert (Cocoon), Petar Dundov (Music Man, Systematic), and Robert Babicz (Systematic, Bedrock, Kompakt), promising a reinvigorated spin on this legendary track.

‘Outface’ remains a beacon of the genre’s evolution and a testament to Komakino’s enduring legacy. No need to give a second thought about it.

This release is a must-have. You may grab this specialty on vinyl and digital using the links below.

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