INDEX Dublin Sunil Sharpe & Nancy Live Review

INDEX Dublin Sunil Sharpe & Nancy Live Review

February 7, 2022 Off By Editor

Review Matt Mondo

Review, Editing, Design Mike Moggi Mannix

Since the covid restrictions and the infamous certs had been lifted (Ireland) the nighttime industry was set to reawaken after 2 years of on and off forced closure!

Like many others worldwide we’d seriously missed it and couldn’t wait till the clubs reopened!


All week we’d been anticipating listening to some real propa underground Techno at INDEX in Dublin and we were not disappointed. Upon gaining entry to the club the first thing we noticed was the new restyling of the club Index 2.0. It now features a full venue re-design, complete with a brand new state-of-the-art sound & light experience, man was that sound system loud!

The main room was the focus of the night with Aero building up the vibes for the headliners Sunil Sharpe and NANCY Live. For the last couple of years, electronic live artist NANCY has been tearing it up across the Irish and UK club scenes, with her massively energetic live shows.

She delivered in her distinct incredible dynamic style, building the energy and the crowd went ballistic!

A massive star in the making!



The scene was set for the man himself… and one of the most influential figures in Irish Techno for over two decades Sunil Sharpe,

took over the packed out club with his intense, powerful rhythmic sound. The atmosphere was off the scale!

His dynamic vinyl selection upended the baying crowd, and brought them through a finely curatored Techno initiation. Only for the headstrong. It’s worth mentioning our huge respect for this ambassador who is the driving force enabling change in the Irish nighttime economy!



Room 2 was looked after by Four Four Magazine which featured Aeron XTC B2B, Sam Greenwood, Aoise.


Overall the good arrangement of the slick lighting, excellent sound system, incredible DJs artists, and the up-for-it crowd transported us into the dimension that lovers of electronic music have missed for so long!

Thank you INDEX for a wicked event.