Iconic Review Exclusive – Kozy – Lost Symphony [Radiate]

Iconic Review Exclusive – Kozy – Lost Symphony [Radiate]

June 29, 2018 Off By Editor

Radiate Premier

Artist – Kozy  – Title – Lost Symphony
Label – Radiate – Release Date – Traxsource Exclusive 29-6-18
Full Release 13-7-18
Cat – RAD004

Hey all, I hope we are all doing good? With such awesome weather over here in the UK, things are beginning to heat up! And in all shapes and forms as today we have a special release to share with you guys.

Radiate introduces Kozy, the man behind many projects, having released many tracks that have seen this artist gain support from some of the biggest names in his field on the likes of – Funk N Deep – Phunk Trax – Layer 909 – Optium Records and to further his career has released his debut release for Radiate. This release comes with 2 supporting remixes which add to the dynamic character of the release as a whole. For those of you who aren’t familiar with this artist then I am sure by the end of today’s session you will be sure to hold his name high in your thoughts.

Ok, strap y ourselves in! Let us check this out.

Kozy – Lost Symphony (Original Mix)

From the get-go, we have a huge sense of space which is delivered by use of reverb and great positioning on the kick and bass. Lots of room is given to the atmospherics which spread around the field. The character of the track becomes very apparent early on with awesome timing on FX and bass shots. A warming break soon allows the track to drop into the darkness where we all love things to be. The progression on the track sits very stable and offers varia ety of sound. The chords used on the synths are superb and rise in octave and colour to add to the tension. Awesome track.

Kozy – Lost Symphony (The Southern Remix)

Hitting hard and heavy this time round. A slightly distorted kick drum and sonics offer the power early on and things gradually climb and rise in a stable fashion. By the time the hats arrive the groove is well under way! Things become more powerfull when the synths add to the spread of sound allowing the subs to become more dominant in their area and with some thunder too! An awesome addition to the original.

Kozy – Lost Symphony (Disscut Remix)

On this remix, we have a more driving edge. Awesome use of the original vibe as this is still intact and the energy held throughout is truly awesome. Darkness thrives within and the sinister groove just continues to unfold. The structure of this remix stands out to me as the transitions of each stage fit so well. Each sound is tight and tidy and the kick and bass sit warm and glued. Well done

Well there we have it guys, Kozy with his Lost Symphony release which has clearly come packed with 2 perfectly suited additional remixes. I can see this release doing very well indeed and I am sure these guys would love your support so don’t be slow on picking up your very own copy of this release. Keep it tech!

Craig Brogan Rating 8/10

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