Cactus’ Botanical’s debut E.P

Cactus’ Botanical’s debut E.P

June 30, 2018 Off By Editor

Botanical are a new emergence on the Dublin scene

Cactus’ Botanical’s debut E.P is a diverse modern take on 90’s electronic music, incorporating Acid and Breakbeat mixed with a newer style of Techno.

Each track is unique yet follows the ongoing Acidic theme. “The E.P was written through a live set we have been putting together using mostly hardware.” – The Cactus EP drops on inHabit on June 30th.

Bio: Jake, a Dublin native has a background in Jazz and is heavily influenced by Jungle and Footwork. Cork born Oisin has a more melodic and ambient tone favouring Minimal Techno and acid house. Combining these styles with their mutual love of live electronic music has given life to Botanical. The duo perform a live set incorporating all of these genres.Their goal is to create something new and diverse, a fresh take on Acid that has melody and ambience while upholding deep and heavy grooves with a healthy dose of Techno. Artwork: Julia Fazion Bucci.